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You will find several attachments for a ducted vacuum cleaner. You should always go for standard ones for tiles, surfaces, rugs, and floors. If you want to make the whole cleaning process a lot easier and more convenient, then this article has got you covered with the vital accessories. You need to realize that adding attachments may not always be useful; thus, you need to be careful and see what can add to the overall effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Ducted vacuum accessories of a vacuum bag

If you are favor cleaning process through vacuum cleaners, then you may know that the vacuum bag is the absolute necessity which you can not ignore. The bag is not only best to be accommodated in the garage, shop but also the other closet. You can use if for great storage process as it will make you a better-organized person.

Floor brush

People dealing with floor brushes on day to day basis will not agree less that how tough it gets tot clean the floors. Thus, homeowners must take the aid of this ducted vacuum accessories specifically to deal with better cleaning.

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jarmoluk (CC0), Pixabay

Upholstery brush

The upholstery brush is those vacuum brush which owns a lot of bristles. These sort of brushes are much longer and thus ideal for carpet usage. If you want to get rid of carpet dirt and stains, then this can be ideally the best bet. Thus, you need this essential cleaning force. If you truly want to remove all sorts of debris from the armchairs, as well as couches then use upholstery brush.

Vacuum brush

If you have not tried the widely used vacuum brush, then you need this vacuum brush. Make use of the long and thin bristles as this can make cleaning much easier. You can particularly avail the benefit from this brush by using it on the chairs and curtains.

Claw utility nozzle

Are you making use of claw utility nozzle and adding it to your ducted vacuum accessories? If not, then you need this attachment which owns a wedged and curved shape. This type of nozzle is ideal not only for wet but also for dry areas. If you are wondering where this accessory will come into play, then you can easily use it in boats, car interiors, and boats.


Brushes are not uncommon ducted vacuum accessories, and a good one can be used with hoses plus wands. You will require the need for a brush for not only cleaning the wood surfaces but also for general dusting. You will fall in love with the long and medium bristle. This versatile brush is best for general purpose cleaning.

Multi-angle brush

You can also make use of ducted vacuum accessories like multi-angle brush which is widely used for picking dry and bulky parts. The best part about this brush is that it is composed of soft bristles. Blinds and wood surfaces make an ideal choice for this sort of brush.