Have you spent hours and days going through online and regular shops simple because you don’t know how to find the right clothing for your body? Finding clothes for and dressing a plus size body can be hectic; especially if you are not sure what style will look good on your body. Being chubby does not mean you have to limit your fashion sense; you can create your own type of fashion and follow through without feeling guilty for your body type.

Before I guide you through ethnic clothes you would want to buy, here are some basic tips when looking for the right type of wear

Choose close-fitting attire

Your outfit should be a balance between fitting and tight. Clothes that are too tight will squeeze your body making you uncomfortable. Tight fitting clothes also tend to show the hemlines of your undergarments, especially if they are made of light materials. Loose fitting clothes make you appear heavy. Don’t hide from your size, by embracing your body and your curves; you discover that most clothes really look good on you. Avoid clingy fabrics such as Lycra and satin because they showcase all your curves, which may seem disrespectful.

Don’t wear leggings as pants

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Leggings are meant to be worn underneath long dresses. Jeggings cling to your body and outline your shape for everyone to see. Leggings may also show your undergarments if they are not heavy enough.

Embrace your stomach

Many beautiful plus-sized women dress to hide their bellies. Many times, these results in wearing baggy clothes that are unflattering to your shape and make you look heavier.

Comfortable shoes are important

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Wearing heels that are too high will make you tired and uncomfortable. Your body pulls your weight down on your ankles and your feet making them fell painful and sore. Wear blocked heels or sandals, especially if you are going to spend a whole day in them.

Invest in good undergarments

Always make sure your undergarments are comfortable and fitting. A good undergarment is a key to good fitting attire. Undergarments give your body defined shape, so when you wear fitting clothes, you look shapely and flattering. You may choose to wear shapewear under your garment. Keep in mind that shapewear sometimes won’t give you the look you desire

Style to fit your body shapes

Just like all other body types, plus size women have different body shapes. You could be apple shaped, pear shaped, hourglass figure, and triangular shaped while being plus size at the same time.

Choose the right fabrics

Pick clothes with fabrics that look flattering on your skin. Light fabrics like silk will cling to your body, especially in all the wrong places, and outline your body. Check the type of fabric when you are buying your clothes

Taylor your own clothes

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Altering your clothes can have a huge impact on the way they fit. Tailor that oversized and undersized outfit in your closet to make it a perfect fit. If you walk into a store and find a garment which almost fits perfectly, the tailor is to give that perfect look.

Here are ethnic outfits that will look good on your gorgeous plus size body

Long Tulip shaped kurta

Kurta designs have changed over the years to fit women of all sizes and shape. Plus size women wear the kurti well. You can style your kurta depending on the design. Tulip shaped kurti have mid-sized sleeves and tulip shaped hemlines. They are gorgeous on all body types. Show off some legs with a tulip shaped kurti from StyleCaret . Chose a block colored kurti for work and formal events. Avoid large prints on your kurti dress because they may attract the attention away from your style and make your curves look broader

Salwar kameez

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The salwar kameez is a traditional garment. Back then, the salwar kameez was made to fit slimmer women, but now designers make them in all sizes. The simple salwar kameez is baggy at the waistline and fits the shoulders and chest perfectly. You can pair it with a pair of trousers that are a slightly fitting and good pair of heels for an office outfit.

A plain black salwar kameez with loose stitching can be flattering to your body. Block colors go well with plus size women because they give an illusion of a slimmer body. You can wear a flared salwar kameez suit to traditional events and festivals. Block colored loose fitting salwar are respectful and go well with your figure.

Lehenga choli and saree

These two flaring designs give your body a nice look for the festivals. The flared bottoms of the outfits are good to wear for cultural events and festivals. A lehenga choli is appropriate for attending weddings. Make sure the choli fits the body well and has no extra cuts and key-holes. The saree has been worn by all women for centuries. Make sure your saree drapes well and fits you just appropriately. A tight saree might expose you while a loose fitting one makes you look heavier.

Low v-necks

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Low v-necks give the illusion of narrow shoulders and a longer torso. They are stunning and give you space to add jewelry to your outfit. Choose a mid-sized v-neck kurti with double flare and mid-sized boots to achieve an indo-western street style. V-necks can be worn in various tops and dresses. Avoid wearing v-necks that are too low because they may expose your bust mistakenly.

High waisted pants with crop tops

Don’t be discouraged by the masses; crop tops go well with plus size bodies. Combine a pair of bootleg trousers of some high waisted palazzo pants to give you a stylish and chic streetwear look. You can wear this combination to work by pairing it with a kurti jacket. Avoid wearing skinny jeans with crop tops unless you throw on a poncho or a cape.

Cigarette trousers

Cigarette pants are fitting on the waist and lose all the way to the hemline. If you prefer pants that offer comfort and style, go for cigarette pants. They are lose fitting but accentuate you wide hips. Pair cigarette pants with a choli or midi flared kurti top for a more traditional look.


Do not be afraid to take risks. Wear your style with pride and do not allow anyone to discourage you from exploring new trends. This guide will help you to add traditional and western fashion you’ve always dreamed of having.