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Falling Support for Loot Boxes and MTX

It’s safe to say that online gaming as a whole is absolutely thriving and many of the biggest games and services are pulling in...

Risk and Reward: The Powers of Gambling Addiction

Healing and repair that comes through any form of overindulgence that is seen as perhaps the wrong lifestyle choice or one that is affecting...

Mindfulness and Meditation in the Role of Gambling

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Claddagh Ring

What is the Claddagh Symbol and What Does it Mean in Love?

In 2018, over 20,000 couples got married in the beautiful country of Ireland. For Irish citizens and international citizens of Irish descent, the Claddagh...

7 Tips to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Having a sound immune system has received greater importance since COVID 19 has begun to affect our lives. The body's immune system is built...