The advertising and marketing industry has changed radically over the past few years. More and more brands are gaining popularity by the day thanks to their new and effective advertising modes. However, in as much as brands are doing great, not so many business people are aware of the benefits of digital signage in brand awareness.

At the moment, technology has completely transformed the way we deliver display messages and how we want these display messages to look like. And since display messages and signs are an important part of an advertisement, it is quite clear that this is not the first time they are being used. The only difference is that this time, the display messages are electronically conveyed, and they are in motion.

However, not focusing too much on traditional ways of advertising, with the increase of digital devices in the market, a great majority of people want to see ads and brand content pieces on digital devices rather than on static print boards. Retailers and small business owners now have realized that they need to make a transition from print presentation to digital displays.

What makes this choice a good one now is the fact that high-quality digital display with convincing and powerful content can have a great impact on a brand’s status. And what’s more, in this day and age where everyone relies on technology and internet on almost everything they do, information that is engaging and relatable is exactly what they will be looking for in your displays.

With that said, the main goal for most businesses or organizations out there is to give their customers great shopping experience.I am glad to inform you that with the intelligent use of technology, digital signage can help make this goal achievable. It is also an effective way of ensuring that customers easily interact with the each other. It is evident that digital signage technology has helped many businesses meet their strategic advertising and marketing goals and this is how:

  • Digital signage is a real and interactive approach to marketing–Digital signage is one of the latest and most effective approaches to marketing. It makes advertising an interactive undertaking where the proposed consumers play an active role. Digital signage systems are no longer just limited to inside stores but also to the outside of the entrance at preset intervals.

However, as easy as it may sound, the key to successful displays is to keep them as interactive as possible. For example, there are countless stores that use QR codes on display. The customer is then expected to scan these codes with their mobile phones and have a chance of getting a discount, a coupon or a special offer.

On the other hand, some systems make good use of GPS technology and send their messages to GPS-enabled devices. On such occurrences, the users (or customers) get alerts on the latest deals and offers, even when they are within several feet of a store’s digital display. For example, assuming that you want to grab a bite from your favorite food joint, you can have a glimpse of what is available by looking at their tv menu board even before you take a sit.

  • Digital signage is a powerful and effective mode of sending powerful messages –Frankly speaking, there is a range of products available to build powerful digital signage systems. For instance, there are different manufacturers who offer hardware for use in the most dynamic environments like digital retail systems, and units for hospitality, conveyance, healthcare, schooling and the commercial world at large.

From the numerous environments mentioned above, it is clear that static information signs have now paved the way for dynamic digital electronic displays to manage and deliver content from a centralized place. In fact, on the greatest benefits from all this is the fact that many types of digital signage can check who are seeing them based on specific factors like age and gender. Therefore, everything happens in real time.

  • Digital signage offers a powerful media advertising program – If you have been in business for long, I know for a fact that you are aware that today’s customers want to access information to your products and services at all times. This is regardless of whether they want it online or an actual physical store. With that in mind, digital signage then becomes your best option for ensuring that you deliver an interactive shopping experience right to your customer’s doorstep.

What’s more, well designed digital signage can help retailers and small business owners improve their in-house environment and at the same time increase the success of their merchandising and branding. And most importantly, with digital signage, it is now easy to communicate the latest deals, discounts, and bargain effectively. The digital signage systems also help boost the operational efficiency of a store and allow the vendors to change their messages based on the latest market research and trends.


What are the different types of digital signage?


  • Digital posters –This is possibly the simplest of all digital signage displays. The digital posters are simply LCD screens strategically placed flat a wall. In most cases, these LCDs are mounted in a simple but striking LCD enclosure.That offers little room for anything other than a simple media player.


  • Free-standing digital advertisement displays – This is also a very common method of displaying digital signage that depends on a floor-mounted display enclosure. The floor mounting is normally secured by bolts, making them strong and free-standing.


  • Ceiling-mounted digital signage –Yes, believe it or not, you can have your display screens hanging from the ceiling. However, when it comes to conveying your message to a great audience, the ceiling-mounted digital signage may not be the best choice of signage for you.


  • Outdoor digital signage–Currently, this is the most popular and most appreciated type of digital However, you have to ensure that your screens are well covered to keep them waterproof. It is also important to ensure that your systems get adequate cooling, heating, and airflow.

In conclusion, a new era of digital signage has been born. It is entirely up to you to embrace it and use it to grow your business and keep your customers informed.