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There are multiple renovations you can do to improve the square space in your home. Whichever of the below suggestions you go for, remember to check your local zoning ordinances. You wouldn’t want your new extension to be illegal.

An Additional Floor

From all of the points discussed, this is the priciest. However, you’ll get an immense amount of space added. The value of your property would go through the roof too.

Work with the right architect and contracting team. Adding a second floor is definitely not a project you’ll be able to do yourself. Hiring a proficient architect is needed, as you need to make sure that the foundation of your home can handle a second floor.

How much will the project to cost? Around $90,000 – $200,000. As you can imagine, the more you spend, the grander the new space would be.

Transform Your Garage

Don’t have a vehicle? Your garage is likely collecting dust. With some light work, you can transform the garage into a living space. What’s great is that garages aren’t small, so you’ll have a lot of square footage to work with.

Think about making the vicinity into a gym – this is one of the most common uses of garages. A guest room would be a superb idea as well.

Second Floor to Your Garage

Let’s combine the above two points. Add an additional floor to your garage. The floor could act as an apartment. It’s a great renovation if you’re looking to add extra space, as the contracting work wouldn’t take place in your living area – it’ll be happening outdoors.

Of course, make sure that the garage has a strong enough foundation to handle the new weight.

Finish Your Basement

Basements are left unfinished so that you can transform them any way you see fit. It might take time to finish yours. As the space is big, you could transform it into a double bedroom. If not for this, it will make a great entertainment room. It would be large enough to house a large television and sound system. The basement remodelling options available are unlimited.

Renovations in the basement are much different than other parts of the home. You’ll need specialists, as fungi, loose wires, moisture, and pipes are huge issues. Reputed names like Penguin Basements renovations in Mississauga are ideal.

Finish the Attic

Why just finish the basement? Attics are also left unfinished so that you can bring your vision to life. Due to the seclusion and amount of natural light coming in, a renovated attic would make a fabulous office.

There are many renovations you could do to improve the square footage in your house. From the list, what would be the best would be adding a second floor to your home. However, it’ll take a lot of time and money to do. You could finish your basement or attic – it won’t be too hard to do, and would transform the spaces into living rooms.