Shutters are the perfect decor element to add great value to your home. For people who wish to get a revamped look for their home, installing the right shutter is always a great idea. Apart from protecting your home from intruders, weather extremes and keeping your home temperature at an optimum level, shutters add beauty and flair to your home.

It is very important to understand shutters you install should match the existing architecture of your home. It should blend well with your house and add elegance to the overall look. Exterior shutters play a pivotal role in maintaining the beauty of your home. The wrong choice of material or style can totally damage the entire look of your home. There are a number of options available when it comes to shutter styles.

It includes Raised panel, Bahama, Board and Batten, Flat panel, Louvered, and others. You have to choose the right style that goes well with the material you choose. When it comes to shutter materials, the most common ones are as follows

Aluminum shutters:

One of the most popular materials for exterior shutters is aluminum. It is the best option to provide shades on the outdoor part of the windows or offer privacy for outdoor rooms. One advantage of aluminum shutters is that it is a versatile choice for window treatments and can be installed both in indoors and outdoors of your home. Effectively protecting areas against excessive heat and cold, shutters made of aluminum are ideal to install in the living areas of your house.

Aluminum shutters are sturdy and strong, and they provide extra security and protection to your home. If you are interested for a look that involves clean lines and a crisp look, aluminum shutters are a great idea. It is a robust material and easy to clean. Also, if maintained properly, these shutters will last up to 10 years. Owing to vibrant color options and its durability, aluminum shutters are a common choice for many homeowners.

Vinyl shutters:

One of the most popular choices of people, vinyl shutters are budget-friendly and require low maintenance. It is an affordable solution that adds quality and value to your home. These shutters do not require to be polished or painted. Cleaning these shutters just by running a wet cloth is what all you need to do. The main advantage of vinyl shutters is its cost.

They are less expensive than wooden shutters but readily available in the market. It is also a durable option and shutters made from this material are able to resist wind bursts and rain perfectly well. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, vinyl shutters can protect the messy areas well without the risk of water damage.

It will not crack, peel, fade or deteriorate like wood. Vinyl shutters are also scratch and dent resistant. These shutters never need sanding, painting or staining of any kind.

Composite shutters:

Known as engineered wood or faux wood, composite shutters are usually made of medium-density fiberboard which is wrapped in vinyl clothing. This is an ideal alternative to wooden shutters owing to their resistance to weather and humidity. Moisture can cause real wood to shrink and thus it can get disfigured.

Composite shutters are a great option to withstand a higher amount of moisture. For people who wish to get the luxurious look of wooden shutters, at a lower price tag without any risk of moisture problems, composite shutters are the ideal option for you. Composite shutters also offer a high durability factor than real wood.

It is always very important to consider the durability of a product when used for high traffic area.

Wood shutters:

Perhaps, there is nothing more beautiful than the richness and warmth of wooden shutters. The most common and traditional choice for many house owners is wood. The grainy, wooden texture of wood shutters gives a vintage, rustic feel to your home.

Be it contemporary style or traditional style, wooden shutters never fail to impress. People love this option for its authentic, stylish look that can change the entire look of your home. An ideal choice for larger windows, it is the best bet for giving your home a warm feel. These shutters can be ordered to fit any size or shape of the window and are available in a number of slat widths.

You can also customize the color to coordinate it with the rest of your home. Apart from providing an increased level of privacy, wooden shutters are great in blocking sun and UV rays impeccably. The only disadvantage when it comes to wooden shutters, it that it is not ideal for rooms that experience a lot of moisture and humidity and are really expensive. Designed with both durability and elegance in mind, most of the wooden shutters are usually hardwood materials. This includes teak, oak, cedar or beech. Since these materials are generally from slow-growing trees, wooden shutters are ideal for rooms that require sustainable materials.


These are some of the common options when it comes to shutter materials. It is also very important to choose the right material that would go with the right style of a shutter. When it comes to choosing shutters for the exterior of your home, you have to keep in mind about the climate of your place.

For example, wood is never a great choice for places where it rains frequently. Instead vinyl, composite or aluminum is a much better choice. Exterior shutters when customized as per your needs, compliment your home perfectly.

Go for the right shutter manufacture who can understand your requirement and thus offer the right shutter material for your home. The right company will always have a team of experts who can understand your requirements and give you the best possible option within your budget.

Exterior shutters also required the need to fit in perfectly to the windows of your home, otherwise, it could be a mismatch. So, take your time and consult experts in this domain to get the right shutters for your home.