The best time to decide on purchasing new windows is not while a tropical storm is whipping up at your door. Because hasty decisions to get hurricane protection installed on your home, rarely result in the purchase and installation of the proper type of product. Also, such arrangements do not provide a suitable degree of security. However, sometimes you get anxious and forget the essential rule of common sense while purchasing, the law of not to buy a big item without making sure it is what you need.

As no one likes to feel depressed about not making the best purchase so, it is crucial for a person to buy the best product. However, there are times when homeowners purchase products without doing appropriate research. For instance, many times you buy impact windows without doing the proper research. Therefore, without collecting pertinent information, you make a poor choice resulting in remorse of a buyer. The motto of writing this article is to provide sufficient details about impact windows to guide you in your decision making. So, let us start with the best buying tips for impact windows:

Old Is Not Bad

Before you consider purchasing new impact windows, make sure you have an independent energy audit performed on your current windows. Most power companies such as TECO, FPL, and many more perform this service for nothing; whereas, sometimes you need to pay for a professional inspection. However, spending a small amount to weatherize your current windows will not only save a considerable amount of money on your energy debt but also will save massive amount as, after this procedure, you would not need new windows at all.

Moreover, old windows are good if they are made up of old wood. Therefore, instead of replacing your old windows with modern ones, install some replacement felt strips, a few seals and some caulk to make a world of difference in the performance of your current windows. Additionally, do not think the new windows will surely be a solution to water leakage as even brand new windows can allow water to get into your home. Because for some reason, sometimes their acceptable standards do not seem as high as the ones you thought you paid for when you signed the contract. So, considering these factors, make sure you mind old is not bad.

Make Sure You Know the Term Hurricane Proof

Impact windows are a sacrificial form of hurricane protection. Companies design them in a manner to break, but even after breaking down, such windows do not allow the wind to pressurize the interior of the building. However, many folks misunderstand the term impact with solid or hurricane proof. But in actual, none of these terms is accurate as impact windows break a lot easier than any other windows. Also, there exists no such thing as a hurricane-proof window or unbreakable window for residential use available from any of the significant U.S. window manufacturers.

To make sure, you can also see lots of online videos which show the mess resulting from a broken impact window. Therefore, if you do not want the expense, confusion, and inconvenience of replacing them after they suffer storm breakage, vandalism or a maintenance accident, then you must protect them. Always opt to get them broken first and then file a claim with your insurance company to get a right amount of request for your windows.

Make Sure You Sign Accidental Breakage Contract

Never rely solely on impact windows for hurricane protection on the ground floor as even a tap with a hammer results in more significant damage. Also, because of the high replacement cost of broken windows, your chances of a smash and grab break-in attempt are nil. Therefore, in most cases, regular windows with clear security panels are a more cost-effective approach. However, make sure you sign a suitable accidental breakage contract with the vendor because replacement of windows due to vandalism is a costlier venture.

Be Wise While Choosing Energy Saving Claims

Never fall for the energy savings claims about new insulated impact windows paying for themselves. Because independent studies have proven the pay-back time using energy savings is more than forty years. Also, the more expensive the unit, the longer the pay-off. Therefore, find out more about energy saving windows by searching for ‘Wood Window Energy Analysis.’ However, make sure you do not get fooled by unsubstantiated energy savings claims provided by various manufacturers.

Read Repair and Replacement Policies Carefully

Find out how far the replacement parts for your windows will be available in future. Get all the assurances in writing. If there are no replacement parts available only after ten years, then it means any window with broken springs, latches or seals is not repairable, and in case, you have to repurchase new windows. Therefore, before buying modern windows, read more about repair and replacement policies in any of the replacement window online forums. Also, check the acceptable range for water penetration because only a few impact windows guarantee hundred percent watertight during a tropical storm. Additionally, use shutters to keep the water and wind away from the windows to prevent leaks.

Good Frames

Good quality painted, or powder coated aluminum frames are stronger and always last longer than PVC frames. Also, their life far longer service outweighs all kind of energy benefits of PVC over aluminum. Generally, the expected service life of PVC when exposed to the elements is about twenty years; whereas, the service life of aluminum exposed frames is about fifty years. Therefore, always install good quality frames to increase the presence of your impact windows.

Check the Protection Level

Check with your local building regulations and insurance company to see the required level of storm protection in your area, but while checking the protection level, remember your building code is a set of minimum standards used to determine the amount of necessary protection. So, more protection is better.


Choosing your installer is as important as selecting the product. As usually, many established drivers criticize the new drivers. No doubt the new drivers are either getting started or do not have an established track record, but it does not mean they are not at all good installers. Therefore, choose your drivers carefully. However, remember even if you are installing impact windows on your own or getting them installed from a professional, you need a building permit for hurricane protection installations. So, hire an inspector to check the facility. Moreover, the engaging of an inspector will not only put installers on level ground but also assures proper fittings. Therefore, make sure the authority pull a permit for your project.

Author Bio: Samiel Hughes is the content creator of ‘Paradise Exteriors’ which provides the best quality of hurricane windows and doors in South Florida. The professionals at Paradise Exteriors focus on delivering top-notch window and door services in replacement windows, hurricane windows, impact windows, and impact entry and patio doors to protect your home and making it look great at the same time.