The gaming and gambling industries have unveiled several transformations in the past decade. While the industry discontinued some changes, the others have been absorbed and have further evolved to include technological advancements. Every year there is something exciting that happens in the gambling industry and cryptocurrency is what was in a talk last year.

2020 also holds several new trends that will redefine and transform this gigantic industry. Here are some gambling and gaming trends for online and real casinos this year that may impact the entire casino industry:

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1. Smartwatches Bring New iGaming Experience

Mobile phones and tablets permit people to play online casino games while they are on the go. Now smartwatches are becoming a thing. Now smartwatches are becoming a thing. Wearables have always fascinated the people and with more advanced technologies making their way in the industry, smartwatches are getting more compact and laden with better features.

Smartwatches have not only made receiving calls and texting easy, but they have also made placing bets more convenient. The 2020 prediction for the smartwatch industry is that it will reach a global worth of nearly $33 billion and gambling will be a part of this trend. Software developers of the gaming industry are already developing new games that can be easily integrated into all devices including smartwatches.

2. Online Based Casinos are on a Rise

The land-based casinos are being overshadowed by their online versions. The popularity of the land casinos is rapidly declining and the online gambling websites are getting popular by the day.

Ever since people have begun enjoying the benefits of the internet and various online services, online casinos have also become prevalent among them. People no longer have to go to Las Vegas to play and win in casinos. Spending money just to get to the place and then playing in the casinos get exorbitant for many.

Thus they save all this money and then use it to play online games. Online casinos are not just convenient but also offer more privacy to the players. They also offer a vibrant and colorful gaming experience, which gives the player a feeling of betting in a real casino.

3. Live Dealing will be a Common Thing

Players prefer online casinos that offer a realistic experience. They like to engage and bet in games where there is a live dealer. Live dealing is one of the reasons why people prefer to indulge in online casinos. Gaming companies are using this information to attract users to their online casinos.

Live dealers in Baccarat and Blackjack have been getting quite popular. The online casino industries have been drawing customers by employing dealers that are charismatic and witty. Human interaction makes it enticing for players to stay more and play for a longer time. The advanced technologies have helped in making the presence of the dealers close to the players as if they were engaging in a casino game by physically being present there.

4. Access Even in Restricted Areas of Gaming

Crypto has brought anonymity with it to the world of the gambling world and it is virtually undetectable as users do not link in their personal information with the digital currency. This has permitted several players from across the globe to access and play in online casino games in areas that have originally restricted and outlawed casino games.

Cryptocurrency accords protection to the users. Thus users residing in places where gambling is banned physically can yet indulge in gambling games through online casinos by using cryptocurrencies. Combining a cryptocurrency wallet with a VPN gives users the required access to any online casino they want to play in around the world.

For instance, Taiwan has prohibited its residents to play online gambling games, but cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin are being used by several Taiwanese players to enjoy a variety of casino games. This trend is going to stay and will advance in its own way in the coming few years. Online casinos are now tapping newer markets where people have a lot of revenue and are yet to discover online casinos.

5. Virtual Reality-Based Games on the Rise

With more advanced VR accessories being made available in the market, it is only a matter of time that VR based casinos will be dominating the gaming industry. People would be able to get a more immersive experience with the VR headsets, which make games look livelier and dynamic.

A well-known software provider, Net Entertainment, has recently revealed that they are all set to upgrade and welcome this latest technology after they showed a demo of their VR version of their game – Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine game. Players have become crazy over this game and are demanding that more of the popular games get a VR version.

6. Upgraded Slot Machines

The gaming industry is incorporating new and better versions of slot machines that have been equipped with better features. The younger generation has practiced hands that are used to playing on gaming consoles and thus they expect similar if not better experience while playing on slot machines. They do not wish to compromise with the level of entertainment. Being redundant gets them bored, which is why the gambling industry has to present them with fresh and intriguing games all the time.

7. Fresh Table Games

Not all players are experienced or are masters in playing classic games of Poker and Blackjack. The chances of winning these games can be increased only if one is an expert. Therefore players are always on the look-out for new games that are easier for them to play and they also stand a chance to win. Therefore, casino operators keep adding fresh table games for their players so that none of them leave disappointed. Moreover, since the online casinos are taking the cream these days, the physical casinos are trying to place more interactive games on the floor.

Gambling and casino industry is all about offering attractive bonuses, incentives, exclusive customer service, and exciting games. The trend this year is to offer elite gaming systems in the physical casinos and provide advanced interactive games in the online casinos.