Did you happen to decide to get an awning installed in your house? That’s a great decision, but it shall come with a tricky part – choosing the right kind of awning. If you are not well aware of the uses and the needs of the outdoor awnings, then you will not be able to pick the best one for your home. Awnings are a must have for every household in these contemporary times. They inevitably transform the outside of the house as being more lively and enjoyable, no matter whatever time of the year it is. So, here’s a helpful guide that will definitely aid you in taking the correct decisions. Kindly, take a look.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Awnings:

  • Material – According to the material of the outdoor awnings, the maintenance will vary across different aspects. So, make sure you choose it wisely. It is also going to determine how the outside of your house will look. The two of the most common materials for outdoor awnings are aluminum and fabric. The fabric is for the people who want their awnings to be colorful, however, these ones need more care and maintenance. Aluminum ones have relatively lesser customization options, but you can maintain them quite easily. So, if you are lazy, it is better to opt for the aluminum ones. While deciding about the material you should consider two important things; the amount of maintenance required and suitability to your home. Different materials require a different amount of maintenance and suit the look of a specific type of homes. The most commonly used materials are fabric and aluminum. Fabrics can come in different colors and designs but require more maintenance than aluminum. The awnings made up of aluminum are strong and long-lasting; however, you can’t do much customization in them in terms of colors and designs.
  • The Angle – The outdoor awnings angles should be correct, and they should be placed in a manner that lets in proper air and sunlight. Most of the people installing awnings tend to overlook this factor, but this is one of the key players in determining how the awning is going to perform and operate once installed. For the best performance, the drop side should be around 65 to 75%. However, the angle depends on the direction your window is facing, so make sure you calculate the angle before installing it. This is the factor to which people pay less attention, but this is important for the overall performance. You need to consider the direction of the facing of your windows and decide the angle based on it.
  • Style – It is no hidden fact that a lot of varieties are available when it comes to outdoor awnings. They can have closed as well as open sides, double-barred or dome-shaped, quarter barrel or in the style of a waterfall, semi-circular entrance or like a gable walkway. So, before you choose your style, it is advisable that you consult your architect in order to determine which style will best suit the décor of your home. You can then proceed accordingly. A wide range of styles of the awnings is available in order to match the look of your house or commercial property. Some of the famous styles are a dome, double bar standard, waterfall, and semicircular entrance and traditional with open or closed sides. You should take the advice from the architecture about the best style suitable for your home and then take the decision.
Outdoor Awnings
Outdoor Awnings
  • Colour – You don’t want the color of your outdoor awnings to look weird. If it is for an office, it is better to stick to the neutral palette; this will prevent you from building a weirdly colored blind structure. If it is for a house, then make sure it matches the color coding of the house. Otherwise, color blocking is a recent trend where you can use contrasting colors of awnings to create a unique effect. You can choose the right awning and create a nice flow between the interiors as well as the exterior of your house. The color you are going to choose must be complementary to the overall look of your property. You can also choose the color complementing with the interior of the property.
  • Freestanding or Stationary – Lastly, the most important thing to look for within an awning is whether it should be free standing or retractable. You want the outdoor awnings to be controllable or completely stationary? A lot will depend on this decision that you take. The retractable awnings are not made for the places that suffer from heavy rainfall, so if you reside in a place like that stay away from that kind of awnings.

So, these were some of the basic tips with the help of which you will be able to choose really good outdoor awnings for your home. Make sure you pay extra attention to the details so that you don’t make any kind of mistake during the selection process.