The casino industry kind of saw off its foot in the 90’s when it started experimenting to see if it could get new customers via the internet. A completely new business sector was born, which today is called, in a word, the iGaming sector, i.e., online gambling. The industry is growing yearly, but that doesn’t mean people don’t visit European and other brick-and-mortar casinos.

Casinos are places for all adults to play and spend time without time or place restrictions, so it’s no wonder they are so popular. On the other hand, real casinos offer more of that experience, atmosphere, and other players and their voices.

Going to the casino always requires time, and you should also bring money. Many go to a completely separate casino weekend, which means that gambling is then explicitly seen as a leisure activity that offers a little excitement at the same time, but in a reasonably safe way, because you can only lose the amount of money that you allow yourself to fail. On the other hand, every time you play at a casino, you can also win – that’s why gambling is so popular worldwide; it’s equally random for everyone, although casinos always have that casino advantage in every game.

Casino Helsinki

Although Helsinki’s casino is not the finest in Europe, it should be included in this small list, even though it has been the only real casino in Finland for a while. We have mini-casinos at every ABC service center and big shopping centers, but the Helsinki casino is the only casino.

Casino Helsinki is right in the center of Helsinki, and Veikkaus own it. The casino is open 363 days a year, with about 300 automatic games, more than 20 casino tables, and its own poker room. The casino opens during the day from 1 pm until 4 am. The casino also has a lot of events that combine shows and gaming, as well as good food. The casino is K-18.

The Helsinki casino is a European casino – why so? Because the American casino is even more inclined towards the entertainment side, historically and culturally, European casinos are “finer,” or at least try to be.

Calergi of Ca’ Vendramin

Located in Venetia, Ca’Cendramin Calergi is both a masterpiece of construction and certainly one of the most beautiful casinos in the world. Its biggest problem is probably the problem shared by all of Venice, i.e., the city’s gradual sinking into the sea.

The building is located right on the banks of the Grand Canal and was part of the Venetian casino, which was opened as early as 1638. The casino building is a Renaissance-era mansion that has served as a residence for various state officials.

Casino Baden-Baden

The words Baden-Baden often bring to mind slightly different images than the German casino in Baden-Baden. The casino is a beautiful casino opened in a French-style castle, which the famous singer and actress Marlene Dietrich named the most beautiful casino in the world. The casino in Baden-Baden and the casino in Venice mentioned above still have their dress code, and both buildings represent the architectural skill of their era. The city also has a spa and a galloping track near the casino, so a weekend vacation is not a problem.

Casino Rhodes

This casino had to be included in the listing because it is at least a building familiar to many Finnish visitors to Rhodes; after all, the casino is located right next to the sandy beach in the vicinity of Rhodes’ Tuulinen beach and Elli beach.

Rhodes has been the site of various battles for centuries during its history; after all, it is close to Turkey but still belongs to Greece. The last time the area was fought was in 1912 by the Turks and Italians, which led to the island’s occupation until 1947. Still, during their career, Mario Lago, the governor of the area, decided to build a casino hotel on Rhodes in 1924. The casino hotel was completed in two years and opened its doors as early as 1927; in 1937, the casino operations were taken over by San Remo and Campione until 1999, Casino Rodos S.A. took over the management of the casino and hotel.