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Before we get into the top 5 promise rings that are perfect for her, let’s dive into the meaning of a promise ring and why they are given to someone special. Most people just think you give a promise ring to the person you love, in most cases boyfriends giving it to their girlfriends. But it means more than that. It is a big step into a commitment with that person.

Promise Rings were used way back in ancient Rome. Back then, there were laws about what the bride and groom had to do in order to get married. One of these laws required that the bride and groom not talk about announcing their marriage until they went through a courting process, which took different amounts of time. As you might expect, during this time, you still wanted to show commitment to that marriage with your partner. This is when “promise rings” were first introduced. It was a promise to their partner of future marriage.

Now, this isn’t exactly what it means now, but the intentions are similar. It is still a promise to some sort of commitment to their partner.

What is the difference between a promise ring and just any sort of ring? A Promise Rings goes one step further than a normal ring but is less serious than an engagement ring. The promise ring can tell her many things. It may be a promise to love her. It may be a promise to be faithful. It may be a promise to marry her someday. Whatever the promise is, a promise ring is one of the best ways to show it. You can find all sorts of styles as well. Some rings have Diamonds, some have birthstones, some have no stones at all. Just figure out what her style is and get her a promise ring that matches it.

Heart Promise Rings

One of the most popular promise rings is the heart promise ring. This promise ring normally forms a heart, or sometimes has a heart design with a Diamond inside of it. What girl doesn’t love a heart?

Infinity Promise Rings

Another one of the top types of promise rings is the infinity promise ring. This promise ring stands for a lifelong commitment to the wearer. Infinity promise rings can be found in a variety of styles, including set with Diamonds or birthstones, and then shown in white, yellow, or rose gold metals.

Diamond Promise Rings

Diamond promise rings are also very popular. These tend to be a little pricier due to having a Diamond set in them. With these, you just need to be careful, as it can be confused with an actual engagement ring!

Rose Gold Promise Rings

A trending type of promise ring is those that are set in rose gold. The rose gold metal is getting more and more popular, which is why many women are starting to lean towards wanting a promise ring set in rose gold. And just as it sounds, rose gold and a red/rose tint to it, and stands out from white or yellow gold promise rings.

Standalone Promise Rings

These are the promise rings that can most resemble an engagement ring. They are normally a single Diamond in a white, yellow, or rose, gold band. The Diamond tends to be smaller than an engagement ring but still has close to the same meaning. Many couples that have these types of rings plan to get married one day.