Cheyenne Amber West, a 25-year-old woman from Vero Beach, Florida, was arrested and accused by Walmart of paying only $3.70 for over $1,800 of computer and electronics in the local Walmart branch.

Walmart’s Loss prevention officer stated that the woman walked into the Vero Beach branch of Walmart proceeded to the computer and electronics section. They took a number of devices out of their packages and placed clearance sale tags on them and then went to check out the items and the self-checkout counter. The scanned bar-codes reached a total of $3.70 instead of $1,825.20

When the 25-year-old woman was apprehended with the stolen items, she is reported to have stated in the arresting affidavit that she was only trying to purchase some gifts for her son that she could not afford. She claimed that the computer was for her husband after he had bought her a coach purse and wanted to buy him a return gift.

According to a Walmart employee, West was accompanied by another woman (who was not charged), they picked up a computer, video game controllers and then placed them in their cart. The sites surveillance cameras recorded them removing stickers from clearance items from another part of the shop and covering the original bar-codes with the clearance bar-codes, after which they removed the security wrap from the items.

According to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, West was formally charged with felony grand theft and shoplifting and was released from jail after paying the $3,000 bond. She will appear for her trial in court on December 13th.