Mountain biking is supposed to be a sport involving riding bikes off-road, mostly over rough terrain and using mountain bikes that are specially-crafted and designed for this particular sport. Mountain bikes have certain similar features as the usual bikes, but they boast of certain special features that are incorporated for enhancing durability, and boosting performance while in rough terrain.

Mountain biking brings to mind the images of a young rider who is completely mud-splattered and biking over practically impossible obstacles or racing down almost a vertical descent without batting an eyelid. Needless to say, mountain biking could definitely be a truly thrilling sport, However, for some, mountain biking is supposed to be a leisurely pastime. In the U.S.A. almost one out of every five people above 16 have actually tried mountain biking. The average American rider is in his late 30s.

For many, mountain biking is not just a hobby or a sport but a distinctive way of life, it is actually, a lifestyle for them. Mountain bikers have quite a distinct culture. We know that there are certain cultural anecdotes and unique experiences related to the mountain biking community. First of all, let us find out why mountain biking is so awesome.

Mountain Biking Is a Fantastic Workout

Mountain biking is regarded as a killer workout. If you are a fitness freak, this is the way to go. This truly beats the treadmill. Nothing could beat mountain biking in terms of fun, thrill, and fitness exercise. Many of you follow a strict fitness regimen and treadmill is certainly an integral part of your fitness regime.

But after some time, some of you lose interest and give it all away. You stop following the set workout routine as you stop having fun and do not enjoy your time on the treadmill or a stationary bike, and some other workout regimen. But if you go mountain biking, you could feel the adrenaline rush every moment of it. It is surely a lung-crushing and leg-burning hill climbing experience. It is the best form of exercise one could ever get. If biking sounds adventurous to you, visit for interesting biking tours and bike rentals.

Mountain Biking Is Truly Therapeutic

Mountain biking could prove to be truly therapeutic. If you had a bad day, you could use mountain biking as a positive outlet for blowing off some steam. Once a mountain biking session is done, there is a definite reason for feeling happy, revitalized, and energized. It is because of the release of endorphins as per science. When you are sweating and moving your body, you tend to release endorphins, as well as, some other happy hormones which dramatically change your mood certainly for the better. Mountain biking involves a lot of exercises that help in reducing cortisol secretion, the hormone which is responsible for causing stress. Mountain biking could prove to be a great remedy for depression and anxiety.

Mountain Biking Promotes Bonding with Nature

Mountain biking is a brilliant way of experiencing the splendid natural beauty around you. Enjoy the wonders of nature or the bounties of nature at its best. Single track trails leading through fascinating pine forests or the desert landscapes help you connect on a deeper level with nature. All these amazing experiences would be fostering a greater admiration and appreciation for nature. Seriously speaking, no other sport but mountain biking helps you enjoy the majesty and solitude of nature in such a fabulous way. You could experience a true communion with nature.

We know that a hectic urban environment takes you away from nature and so you are stressed and depressed but when you are out in nature you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. If you devote more time to mountain biking, you would become eco-friendly and definitely, happier.

Mountain Biking Infuses an Element of Adventure into Your Dull & Drab Life

Mountain biking is intrinsically an adventure sport. It is all about risk-taking and exploration. Being adventurous implies that you are a far more interesting person. A sense of adventure drives you to clear the obstacles one after another that come on your way. Mountain biking is all about soul-stirring adventure.

Mountain Bike Renting Questions

Renting mountain bikes could be a wonderful opportunity for riding the terrain you would be traveling to, on fabulous and well-maintained new bikes. However, you simply cannot rule out things going wrong with a borrowed bike. So if you have taken a decision to leave your own mountain bike back at home for your upcoming adventure trail, you must ask the following questions before opting for a bike and a bike rental shop.

How frequently the rental bikes are maintained?

Some bike rental shops follow an amazing maintenance schedule. They lube, clean, and repair all those broken parts after each and every rental. Other bike rental shops may not follow such a dedicated approach, but you need to make sure that the bike you are renting is well-maintained and in great condition. You simply cannot afford a bike to ruin your biking experience. Obviously, you would not like to use a bike that would break down every now and then. So choose a reliable bike rental shop that maintains all its bikes with diligence. You must inquire about their bike maintenance policies. It is best to always take bikes from reputable and reliable shops such as

How old are the bikes?

Are the bikes old or are they brand new? Look for a model of the current year while thinking of renting a bike. If the bike has been in use for a number of years, you need to be alert. Most bike rental shops get their fleets replaced every year. However, some do not. In this context, you must know that rental bikes are in rough use all the time and they get beat up quite badly, hence, the shelf life for these bikes are not over 1 year in most cases depending on the frequency of being used or rented during the year. It is best to avoid bikes older than a year.

What type of pedals do the bikes have?

Most rental bikes are supposed to have flat pedals. Only a few bikes are there with SPDs, for rental purposes while some have a combination of SPD and flat pedals. If you want to use SPD shoes, you may have to carry along the pedals and the shoes on your own or ask if the bike rental can provide you with the appropriate pedals.

Is the seat post having a quick release?

Depending primarily on the kind of biking you are doing, it may be quite useful to have an appropriate quick release seat post. You must ask before taking a bike on rent as many rental bikes do come with actually the fixed seat posts.

Are you offering a discount in case of multi-day rentals?

Most bike rental shops offer discounts in case of multi-day rentals, but they are often not in the habit of posting it online on their website. You must directly ask them and suppose they do not offer any special discounts, try to negotiate a multi-day rate. Usually, bikers get a free day for every 7-day rental.


Enjoy mountain biking and cherish the moments because, during these moments, you would be developing a stronger sense of gratitude for your environment, your community, and your passion. It is very much in these thrilling moments that the sport becomes a powerful and emotional force for your presence, mood, and overall perspective on life.