Although Windows 10 is much faster than its predecessor, still many users often find complain about the slow startup of Windows. This is a major problem that many users start facing after a few months of using their system. And the users remain in confusion that the PC which was a few months back was quickly booting up now why takes so much time to start. Then in quest of speeding their PC boot-up speed, many users also either upgrade their PC or add more RAM to it, which ultimately hurt their pockets.

Make Your Windows 10 PC Boot Faster:

Guys, if you too are facing the problem of the slow boot and want to make your Windows 10 PC faster then go through the tips that we have listed below in the article.

Turn on Fast Startup Feature:

It seems that Microsoft is quite familiar with the problem of a slow startup that is often faced by the users. This is the reason that Windows 10 has a dedicated feature to fasten the bootup process that is known as the Fast Startup feature. This feature helps to prepare your system for faster boot-up by saving the state of the drive that is at shutdown in hiberfile. So, once you enabled this feature, next time your PC will boot faster as it will preload the previous state. To enable the Fast Startup feature, follow the steps below:

  • Open Setting and click on System Option.
  • Now Click on Power and sleep option and select Additional power settings.
  • Click on the option Choose what power buttons do.
  • In the Shutdown, settings checkmark the option Turn on fast startup.

Disable Unnecessary Programs at Windows Startup:

If enabling Fast startup also does not speed up the bootup process of your PC then surely that means that a lot of programs loads with the start of your PC. Therefore, you should make sure that only the necessary and required programs are loading at the boot-up of your system. To disable the program at startup, follow the steps provided below:

  • Right-click on the Windows start button and choose Task Manager. This will open the Task Manager window.
  • Now click on the Startup tab.
  • Now select the program that you wish to disable at system startup and click on Disable button located at the bottom right corner.

We recommend you enable fewer programs at startup as it will drastically decrease the bootup time and make your Windows 10 PC boot faster.

Decrease the Boot Menu Timeout:

Whenever you start the PC, before the loading of an operating system, Windows displays the boot menu for a short instance. This boot menu provides you a time to either enter into safe mode (whenever required) or choose the operating system in case you have installed more than one operating system. Reducing this boot menu time, you can fasten the bootup for a few seconds as the default value is set to 30 seconds. So, if you change this time to 10 seconds, then the bootup process will be fastened by 20 seconds. To decrease the boot menu timeout, follow the steps below:

  • Open Control Panel and select System > Advanced system settings.
  • Now click on Settings in the Startup and Recovery option.
  • Now in the option “Time to display a list of operating systems” decrease the value from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.

Now from the next time when you start your PC the boot timeout menu will be displayed only for 10 seconds resulting in speeding up the bootup process of your Windows 10.

Use Windows Disk Cleanup tool:

Disk Cleanup tool is an inbuilt Windows utility that not helps you in boosting the performance of your PC but also frees up space on your hard drive that is occupied by unnecessary and unneeded files.

Using the Disk Cleanup tool, you can easily clean the temporary and junk files present on your hard drive. To clean junk files using the Disk Cleanup tool start the Disk Cleanup tool and select the drive and click on the Ok button.

Avoid Special Effects:

Windows 10 is quite attractive and fascinating as it includes many special effects. Although these special effects make Windows fascinating it also slightly decreases the performance of the system. To avoid these special effects, follow the steps below:

  • Open Control Panel and select System option.
  • In the System, the window selects Advanced system settings.
  • In the System Properties window click on the Advanced tab and click on Settings under the Performance option.
  • Now in the Performance Options window select the Visual Effects tab and choose the option Adjust for best performance. This will disable all the unneeded special effects and animations. You can also choose the custom option and manually deselect the visual effects that you find are not that much needed. Once done click on Apply to save the changes.

You may now find your Windows 10 a bit boring without all those fascinating effects but it may surely increase the performance.

Disable Tips Offered by Windows 10:

Windows 10 in an effort to help its users provide the tips so that they can achieve more productivity from it. For this, it makes a thorough scan of your PC, and this results in a minor effect on the PC performance. So, if you are familiar with the working of Windows and do not wish to receive these tips then just turn them off. To do so open Settings and head on to Notifications & actions. Now in the right panel toggle off the option Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows.

Use of PC cleaning Tool:

If you have tried all the above-listed measures and still find that your machine is slow to boot then you may consider using PC cleaning software. You can use these tools not only to make the Windows 10 boot process fast but also to improve the performance of your PC.

So, guys, that’s it from our side. We hope that the above-listed tips will help you to make your Windows 10 PC boot faster.