The year 2020 has been a series of unexpected events due to the spread of COVID-19 across the entire world. The extensive and uncontrollable spread of the virus has changed the trends and proceeding of sports events completely.

With the implementation of severe social and physical distancing measures and strict lockdown, the whole perspective of life and outdoor activities have changed. For the first time in history, mega sports events i.e. Olympics, Paralympics, and other international tournaments have been postponed, as hosting a crowd of spectators is completely out of question, owing to the current scenario. Under such circumstances, live sports broadcasting has rapidly evolved in various ways to keep it going on!

It’s digital technology that has majorly contributed to the rapid evolution of live sports broadcasting in 2020. This blog is basically a discussion about the aspects and tools that have contributed to the evolution of live 스포츠중계 in 2020.

HD Development

The latest digital technology has made HD recorded videos a supreme visual standard. The utilization of high quality, robust recorders enables capturing 1080i/ 720p HD video and high-quality audio into solid-state memory devices like a compact flash. The object is to provide the users with an absolutely flawless and thrilling video watching experience.

The solid-state video capturing is more efficient than videotape as the former is more resistant towards bumps, thumps, and fast acceleration, all of which are commonly occurring aspects during sports events.

Besides, the shift of television sports from SD to HD production is another major influencing factor in sports broadcasting. The sole objective of HD video featuring in the live sports broadcasting is to deliver more detail on the bigger screens.

The manufacturing of cost-effective HD cameras and operating devices capable of handling and switching between multiple remote camera heads being controlled from a single unit, has made the HD live streaming of sports very convenient, even for local or small sports broadcasting channels and sites.

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Robotic Cameras

The initiation of specialized robotic cameras is a major advanced evolution in sports broadcasting. The prime goal of the robotic POV (Point of view) cameras is to capture every single detail and a fast shot of the players and their game. However, too many high profile POV cameras could distract the audience, and thus a wide range of robotic cameras has been designed to cover larger or smaller frames of action.

Archery: The placement of archery targets to project invisible POV sports coverage has been a successful approach to avoid audience distraction.

Furthermore, the broadcasting game is getting stronger due to the continuous innovation and advancement in technology. Even the POV technologies keep revolutionizing continuously. There are helmet-mounted cameras, body-worn cameras, pop-up cameras, high jump bar cameras, underwater robotic tilts systems, motorized track cameras, and much more!

Evolutionary Impact on Future of Live Sports Broadcasting

The lockdown and ban on outdoor activities due to COVID-19 has affected the health and fitness of sports athletes worldwide. But, as the pandemic has reached a decline in different countries, technology is being utilized to organize sports tournaments and matches. All these sports events are featured via live streaming, since social distancing is still in practice. However, precautions are being taken by players and organizations during games.

Global Fan Reach

The internet-based broadcasting of sports is attracting more audiences globally. The virtual broadcasting sites are offering a diversity of sports events being featured and live-streamed. With the publishing of recorded version of recent events and letting the users to save the live broadcasting into the “Watch later” playlist, has effectively enhanced the audience on the site. Even a locally happening sports event receives a global reach by trillions of fans owing to the universal availability of the internet.

Thriving Industry

To entertain the users with the most thrilling video watching experience and to keep pace with the digital evolutions, the entire sports industry i.e. sports organizations, live broadcasting websites, and channels are thriving to equip the recent advancements in order to meet their viewer’s demands and expectations.

Switch from Big Screen to Small Screen

This is a major change in the sports industry, where the majority of the viewership has been switched from television to smartphones and gadgets, due to the HD live streaming over different websites. This has led sports organizations and channels to launch its own broadcasting websites, where each strives to provide its subscribers the best and whole new watching experience.

It looks like the year 2020 hasn’t been so hard on sports enthusiasts after all – thanks to the evolution of live sports broadcasting that the sports fans all around the world can still enjoy watching their favorite games live from the comfort of their homes!