Travelling is one of the items listed on the bucket list of some. The top destinations for travelers are Australia, Greece, Italy or France. But there is one charming place located in Asia which is full of beautiful places that are worth visiting for. It’s Japan! Yes, it is full of appealing sceneries that can delight your eyes.

From one end of Japan to another, this charming country consists of views and destinations that tourists will surely love. If you are planning to go for a vacation any time this year, might as well give the land of the rising sun a chance.

Here are some of the sites you may consider visiting.

The Splendid Mount Fuji

The majestic Mount Fuji or also known as Fuji-san is genuinely Japan’s most famous landmark. It is also the highest mountain peak of the country, featuring 3,776 meters high and a massive landscape that is tall enough to be seen from Tokyo for over 100 kilometers.

Millions of people climb Mount Fuji every summer as an act of pilgrimage that ends by watching the daybreak from its summit. The official season for climbing is from July to August.

Though during these months where Tokyo may heat the peak of 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature at the top of Mount Fuji can be below freezing point. Hence, climbers must wear proper dressing to combat the cold weather.

Brilliant Place of Kyoto

Kyoto is one of Japan’s most visited places. Spared by the devastation of World War II, this city attracts more than 10 million of tourists each year, exploring its architecture and fine streets. Most of Kyoto’s structure remains unchanged since the Imperial regime acquired the residence more than a millennium years ago.

Still, Kyoto prevails to be Japan’s most essential cultural center. The city’s Buddhist-influenced structure highlights some of the well-preserved temples which are still active. Also, great architectures such as the Golden Pavilion which is standing since the 14th-century, famous for its elegant exterior design is a good option to visit.

Plus, consider touring the Nijo Castle that has been a fortress since 17th-century. For so many years, this castle has retained its towers, moat, original walls, as well as the fine interior design and attractive gates.

And lastly, to complete your travel experience in Kyoto, make sure to explore the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. A charming view that is full of tall bamboo trees and is only a few minutes walk from downtown.

Fascinating Lake Ashinoko

Lake Ashi or Ashinoko Lake is a scenic body of water in the area of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. This lake’s crater lies along the wall of Mount Hakone’s caldera, a volcano which erupted 3000 years ago.

Lake Ashi features its beautiful scenery of hot springs, historical sites, and even the Mount Fuji is visible from Lake Ashi. There are numbers of ferries and boats cross the lake for 30 minutes, taking tourists to beautiful landscapes.

Besides, you can view the Hakone Shrine, Palace Garden, and Treasure Museum on the opposite side of Lake Ashi that will surely be a nice place to see.

Explore the City of Shibuya

Nightlife Japan
Nightlife Japan

Though crossing pedestrian scramble is the main attraction of Shibuya, you can do so many things other than that. If you want to see modern arts for free, there are several galleries that you can visit a few minutes away from Shibuya Station.

Located in the north of Shibuya, Diesel Art Gallery displays the arts of both domestic and international creators. Of course, you can be a bookworm at the library of Shibuya which is only 10 minutes away to the southeast station. Moreover, you can enjoy Yoyogi Park that always exhibits performers, festivals, sun worshipers, and picnickers.

You can play Frisbee, the pick-up game of hacky-sack or experience tai-chi gathering. And lastly, you can listen to live music of DJs from different bars and clubs. However, some bars charge for entrance fee later in the evening, so it is better for you to go early to avail free entry.

Embrace Old Tokyo Traditions

A Buddhist temple Sensoji, located in Asakusa is one of the famous sites in Tokyo. It represents small Hanayashiki Amusement Park, which is home to retro rides that features the first roller coaster of the country.

Rokku Broadway which is nearby the temple is a place where old theaters such as Engei Hall usually presented comedy and classic comical storytelling.

Not to mention, the place also has great watering holes such as Kamiya Bar. The town’s drink is a fabulous mixture of gin, curaçao aptly, and brandy labeled Denki Bran, first brewed in Tokyo during the 1880s.

Experience Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani which means Hell’s Valley is another must-visit attraction in Japan. The park is also home to bubbles and steam of boiling water that arise from the ground because of the hot springs or onsen.

But you don’t have to worry as it’s not alarming unless the water ices are over, then you have to be careful. Furthermore, if you believe that you will see monkeys in this place, you’re right. Snow monkeys and Japanese macaques are just hanging out in the hot spring during the winter season and go back to the jungle in the evening.

Be Amazed in Aquarium of Okinawa

Churaumi Aquarium
Churaumi Aquarium

The Churaumi Aquarium which is also known as Chura, or the Okinawan word for graceful or beautiful, and Umi which is the Japanese word of “ocean.” Chura is part of Okinawa’s Ocean Expo Park.

It was the world’s largest aquarium, until the year 2005. It was also hailed as the best aquarium in Japan because of its stunning design and remarkable central tank. Moreover, visiting the south or central Okinawa is a great chance to view different local attractions and experience authentic Japanese food.

Don’t Forget Osaka

The cosmopolitan city, Osaka is famous for its nightlife, gastronomic spots, and culture and home to Japan’s greatly sociable citizens. Located just about 30 miles from Kyoto, Osaka is a worthy city to visit.

And aside from Osaka Castle, one of the most famous travel destinations is Namba district. This region is known for its street foods such as takoyaki, and classy nightlife experience.


Japan draws a lot of visitors each year. Most of the tourists are interested in Japan’s exceptional level of technology as well as its rich ancient cultures and lovely sceneries.

Attractions like Kyoto, Mount Fuji, Osaka, and Shibuya will truly give you memorable experiences. So pack up your travel bags and accessories which is available in several stores like Luggage Online and start your journey to this marvelous place.