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Scott McTominay has high hopes for Manchester United. He wants them to get revenge for the two devastating defeats that they suffered at the hands of the Wolves last year. Scott McTominay has worked his way up onto the first team but it would appear that his journey is now far from being over. He stands at 6.3” tall and he has a commanding presence at the midfield position.

When you look at his history, you’ll see that it has not always been this way. He joined the academy for the club at the young age of 5 and he was certainly a late bloomer. He has stated that he didn’t have the skills he needed to succeed at first, and that it took him some time to adjust to the balance too. He felt as though everything was a bit different and that it was tough. When he was able to grow into his body, everyone said that it was a huge transformation, but he didn’t see it this way.

He fell behind in his physical development, but he has stated time and time again that he had support from his teammate. Joe Riley is now at Bradford City in the fourth tier, but they were close. Scott McTominay always wanted to be like Joe, he wanted to run for days and he also wanted to be able to compete with the big boys too. He believed that Joe was a fantastic influence and that he used to keep him calm too.

Joe often gave Scott encouragement at practice and he also gave him feedback in regards to how he was doing in training too. They then went on to live together for five years, and this put him in good stead. When you look at how he has contributed to the bigger picture, you will see that The Manchester United legacy still continues to this day and there have even been different types of online slots released that pay homage to the team too. This spurred their popularity and it is also one of the many reasons why they have such a solid brand presence.

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Last season in the Premier League, Manchester United appeared to hand most of their minutes to those from the Graduates Academy. This showed that they do trust in their youth and that they also have a few tricks up their sleeve. Scott McTominay has stated time and time again that he believes his success comes down to the good people that he had around him. This included people like Warren Joyce and even Paul McGuinness.

These coaches are instrumental to the upbringing of Marcus Rashford and even Axel Tuanzebe too. It’s really no coincidence that they were all brought up through the ranks by the same coaches, and they also pay a lot of homage to the people who have given them support over the years.

Scott McTominay and his father, in their younger days, used to do cross-country. They would go on 5k runs on the promenade in Morecombe. His father would sometimes let him win when they played games too, but this would really annoy Scott McTominay as he believes that he wasn’t being taught a valuable lesson. Scott McTominay has a reputation for not accepting losing, and this is one of the many reasons why he keeps on trying to win at football. Of course, this past season really was a tricky one for him.

He had a poor start to his campaign, and he also saw Mourinho, who handed him his very own senior debut- sacked. This did have an uplifting impact on him as he was able to win 14 of his first 17 games. The season did end sourly, however, as they went on to suffer eight defeats in the 12 matches they played in the Champion’s League. He stated that this was strange, and when you look back on the season, it is very easy to see how everything is so contrasting. This is usually the case when you change members or even when you have interesting things going on during the season.

It’s full of roller-coaster moments, such as scoring the first goal or even having difficult games, such as when they played the Wolves. He believes that sometimes, there are horrible moments, but there is no hangover from last year at all. Scott McTominay actually ended up starting when they beat Chelsea by a staggering amount. Even then, he has stated that you really can’t get too excited because success is never measured by one game.

When you look at last year, you will see that the team went on a run of 15 games and they all had amazing results. He didn’t get to this stage of playing for the performance to drop, and it’s safe to say that they cannot lose focus right now. Scott McTominay managed to score his very first senior goal at the Wolves and they did run into some problems later that year. Everyone knows that they are trying but they do have some things that they need to smooth out.

They lost twice in three weeks and now they are trying so hard to put everything right. For them, it’s not really about speaking it, in fact, it’s more about doing it. After one game, they became a club that was destined for success but even then, it’s very easy for things to flip the other way. Anything less than trophies is a disappointment for the team and all of the players and the staff are going to have to reiterate this.

They want to go on to be the best that they can be but even then, this is going to take a lot of hard work. The Europa League is huge for them but at the end of the day, they don’t want to set unrealistic expectations and they also don’t want to end up with goals that don’t reflect what they stand for. Trophies are their main goal and they are going to keep on pushing forward until they are able to grasp everything they have ever wanted.