Nowadays, people try all their possible efforts to lose a few pounds and get their desired body shape. But, these days losing weight has become a hard nut to crack. According to various studies, 80% of the people believe that dieting is the only way to get rid of the unwanted fat and burn calories. However, rather than aiding one to get a perfect body shape, dieting leads to weakness in human’s body. In such cases, a protein powder can turn out to be the best possible treatment. Researchers and clinical reports have proved that protein not only keeps the consumer feel full for a long time, but it cut down the calories from your body and hence provides you with a fit yet strong body.

Apart from aiding the people to lose weight in the easiest way, protein powder has much more benefits, i.e., the regular intake of protein shake after practicing workout has proved to be effective enough in building up the muscles of the practitioner. Whether you desire to lose weight or build up your muscles, a protein shake is that all you need. You can either prefer consuming the protein powder or can add up the same to water, milk, and other liquids to make a protein shake. If you want to find out the answer to, what does a protein shake do for you? What are the major types of protein powders? When to consume the protein shake and at what quantity? Then read out this guide

What does a protein shake do for you?

Protein plays a vital part in the development and recovery of muscles, the formation of hormones and enzymes, improving the immune system and its functioning, sending out the nerve impulses in the entire body, and much more. Usually, protein in our body breaks down as we put pressure on our muscles while working out. Therefore, in order to rebuild this protein and recover the muscles, it is essential to take a protein shake, especially for the gymgoers. As per the scientific research, protein is one of the most important components to promote human health. Without the intake of the same, your body won’t organize cells, tissues, and other body organs. Moreover, protein is also responsible for the creation of biochemical substances that are required to maintain and improve the cardiovascular functioning in the body. Hence, the consumption of protein on a regular basis is a must. At the same time, since we don’t get the adequate amount of protein through solid foods, a protein powder becomes a necessity if you prefer regular workouts.

How many glasses of protein shakes should be consumed in a day?

The researcher says that even the sedentary and inactive people should consume at least 0.4-1 grams of protein per Kg of their total body mass each day and once you commence the workouts and exercises, it is recommended to extend the intake to 2 grams per kg of your entire body mass. However, avoid drinking more than three glasses of protein shakes a day especially if you are a newcomer to this field. This is because as discussed earlier, the digestion process of protein is a bit complicated and time-consuming. Thus, the overdose of protein powder can lead to indigestion.

Apart from this, make sure to avoid drinking the protein shake immediately after winding up your exercise. Give yourself a break of 30 minutes and then go for it.

Types of protein powders

There are various types of protein powders available in the market today. Some of them are as follows:

  • Whey protein – the most famous protein powder that is consumed by thousands of people in the recent times is whey protein. The whey protein is obtained from milk and thus, is a dairy protein powder. Whey protein mainly comprises the branched-chain amino acids that feature muscles build up and recovery. Besides that, whey protein is an effective solution to lose appetite and the calorie intake per day to a great extent. Apart from this, this protein powder has found to be useful in diminishing inflammation and raising good cholesterol levels in the obese people. However, due to the presence of a high quantity of lactose in the same, it can be a bit troublesome for the beginners to digest it.
  • Casein protein – similar to that of the whey protein, this powder is extracted from milk. However, the absorption and digestion process of casein powder requires more time as compared to that in whey protein powder. On interacting with stomach acids, this powder develops a liquid gel that is responsible for slowing down the hunger hormones. This mainly happens as Casein protein slow down the process of absorbing amino acids. As per the several studies, casein protein powder is positioned as first among the wheat, and soy protein in terms of muscles build up and recovery. However, the same is not found to be more effective than whey protein.
  • Hemp protein – the powder extracted from the plants and linked to marijuana is known as hemp protein powder. Hemp protein, a Non-dairy protein powder is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids that are mainly known for its effortless digestion. Coming to the downside, hemp protein is often considered as an incomplete protein powder as the same contains a very low quantity of Lysine and Leucine (amino acids).
  • Pea protein – another protein that is derived from plants and termed to be the top-most alternative to the vegetarians or people having allergy with egg and whey is pea protein. Pea protein is prepared from yellow split pea and comprises the important amino acids excluding methionine. A famous study stated that pea protein powder has comparatively slower digestion than that of whey powder but is quicker than casein protein. All in all the pea protein powder support fullness hormones and promote muscles growth.
  • Egg protein – the egg is especially known for its properties of keeping the consumer full for a long period. However, egg protein powder does not contain the egg yolks that reduce the level of hunger hormones. Egg protein is rich in branched-chain amino acids and leucine. Unlike the whey and casein powder, egg protein powder can be easily digested. Besides that, it is effective is muscles growth, weight loss, and loss of appetite.


This was the major benefits that people can get through the regular consumption of protein powders. Although protein powder is effective for the gymgoers and muscle builders, the same can increase weight if you take it without practicing exercises and workouts.

So what are you waiting for? Prepare the protein shake by adding the protein powder to milk and start drinking at least two glasses of the same every day to observe the changes within a short period of time.