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Since the pandemic began, online gambling has become a big hit. Besides, the ability to play casino games within the comfort of your own home is very appealing.

However, whether you are playing casino games online or at your local casino venue, the same government policies apply. This is why we have put together this article titled Online Gambling In Asia – Laws & Regulations so that you can know exactly what is legal and what is not in your country. After all, casino games are meant to be enjoyed, not to cause trouble.


Gambling in China is a big part of its culture with the lottery being its main source of game. However, most gambling games are not allowed on the mainland, while some have restrictions in Hong Kong. In addition, the majority of offshore gambling websites are blocked. On the other hand, Macau is much more friendly towards online gambling and is actually one of the most go-to gambling destinations in the world.


Most states in India are not too friendly with online gambling, especially the state of Maharashtra where they outright banned any form of gambling. But there is a region called Sikkim that allows it, though, and even offers licenses for online casino businesses.


Indonesia is one of the Asian countries that absolutely abhors gambling. If you get caught, you can face up to 10-years in jail time.


Pakistan is a strong Muslim country and therefore does not allow gambling. If you do get caught, however, the price is not as harsh as in Indonesia with only a fine and maybe up to one year in jail.


Since 1867, Bangladesh has permitted only a select few gambling activities to be allowed. These are horse racing, lotteries, and raffles. Any other form of gambling can lead you to be prosecuted.


Gambling in Japan is not allowed by the government, although they have made racing an exception. Moreover, the government is not strict when it comes to upholding this law, so many citizens still access offshore gambling sites.


The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing markets in online gambling in Asia. They have many state-owned online casino sites that attract countless players from different parts of the world.


Gambling is illegal in Vietnam, but they do still allow state-sponsored lottery. Furthermore, this country is infamous for its large underground gambling activities and if caught will only lead you to a fine.


Iran is another Muslim country and therefore does not permit gambling.


It wasn’t until 1998 that local gambling became illegal. And, in 2006, online gambling also became illegal. This country is quite zealous towards abolishing any gambling practice, so if caught, you can face a large fine and long jail time.


The only gambling games that are allowed in Thailand are local horse racing and the national lottery.


Similar to Thailand, Myanmar only permits its national lottery and forbids anything else.

South Korea

In South Korea, gambling is illegal. However, sports betting is allowed under certain circumstances.


Gambling in Iraq is not only illegal, but online casinos are also blocked to avoid anyone from having access.

Saudi Arabia

Due to Islamic laws, most Muslim countries prohibit any form of gambling. But, not all of these countries are zealous towards prosecuting those who manage to gain access to an online casino.


This former soviet nation still has its national lottery available for citizens, but any other gambling hobbies are not allowed.


Gambling in Nepal is only allowed to tourists on approved gambling venues. For the locals, however, they can only enjoy watching.


Although the Taliban are no longer in charge of the country, there are still strict no gambling laws in place. But, private gambling gatherings are generally not punished.


Unfortunately, the Sharia law has made it illegal to gamble in the country and caused some offshore casino sites to be blocked.

North Korea

Being a very strictly monitored country, online access is already difficult for citizens. Getting caught gambling, especially online has severe consequences that can sometimes result in the death penalty.


Besides state-run lotteries, gambling is illegal in Taiwan.


Another Muslim country, gambling is illegal and also regularly monitored for any online casino violations.

Sri Lanka

Gambling in Sri Lanka is allowed. However, they are strongly regulated by the government.


Only two special regions in Kazakhstan are permitted to have land-based gambling activities. Online gambling is illegal but unregulated.


Since 1996, gambling has been prohibited. However, tourists are exempted and can enjoy the available land-based gambling venues the country offers.


State-run gambling activities are permitted in Azerbijan. The rest, on the other hand, is not.

United Arab Emirates

In the UAE, land-based poker and betting locations are allowed. Any other form of gambling, as well as online casinos, are prohibited.


Taijikistan used to be gambling-friendly. However, they no longer permit it.


Online gambling is allowed in Israel, so long as it is regulated and approved by the government.


It is recorded that many online casino players from Muslim countries come from Jordan. But, as a Muslim country, it is otherwise illegal.


Gambling in Laos is only permitted in certain areas or locations. Besides this, you can get prosecuted.


Kyrgystan is a very strong Muslim country and in accordance with their religion, gambling is not accepted.


Online gambling sites are blocked and not accessible in Singapore. But they do offer government-approved gambling venues for everyone to enjoy.


Some forms of local gambling are allowed here, but this, unfortunately, does not apply to online games.


Palestine actually hosted the most profitable casino in the world. Sadly, though, they no longer allow gambling in the country.


Like most countries that prohibit gambling, online casino sites are blocked and only allow national lottery.


Although the government is not strict in persecuting gamblers, it is illegal in Oman.


In Kuwait, about 85% of the country is Muslim. As a result, gambling is frowned upon.


Georgia is a gambling-friendly country, but only under the condition that gambling venues and sites have the license to do so.


Gambling is illegal in Mongolia apart from state-approved lottery games.


Just like Georgia, gambling is legal in the country with the appropriate license.


Sadly, since 1971, gambling of any kind has become illegal in Qatar.


Similar to Qatar, Bahrain also illegalized any kind of gambling since 1976.


It was only since 2013 that gambling became illegal in Timor-Leste. Now, only state-run lotteries are available.


The only gambling activity allowed in Cyprus is sports betting, which the country sometimes runs activities on.


Again, Bhutan permits their national lottery games but prohibits any other gambling games.


The government of Brunei strictly prohibits gambling and seriously persecutes those that are caught with up to six months of jail time.


Gambling in the Maldives was legal and enjoyed by locals until it was declared illegal in 2008.


This article gives you a general idea of what each of these Asian country’s stand for gambling, whether online or locally. By knowing your local gambling laws, you can avoid getting into trouble. So, it is important to learn the government rules about gambling. Otherwise, you may end up gambling more than your money.