In a recent road trip on the island of Bohol I was amazed to find out that there is only one oral-x-ray machine available to a population of over half a million residents! One machine to 500,000 people. Since this is an emergency issue, where literally thousands of patients have to either forgo an x-ray or travel 90 km’s to the nearest machine, waiting for hours in line if referred by public health, or paying two days worth of wages to get a single scan.

I decided to step up, and started a new imitative to raise funds to buy three oral x-ray cameras and set them up in a travelling van that will work every day from a different location. Providing a subsidized service, where the patients will only pay for the operational costs of the technician and the van. Basically, they would either get a free scan for a referral or only pay a tenth of the fee for a private photo.

I call everyone that reads this article to hope and donate any amount, even $1 is great.

Here is the link to the gofundme account:

Please donate today and save local residents from pain and long suffering.