Moving large furniture is a tough job, whether they are made up of hardwood, carpet or tile. Your floors are especially susceptible damage while moving. It’s not at all correct to drag your furniture simply across the floor while attempting the DIY move; you could also accidentally bang up your walls and doors along the way. This is because, it is particularly important to prepare for DIY move with the right strategies, tools and with help of correct movers.

Knowing what to do and how to prepare for moving large and heavy furniture by you is a must. If you want to have, this job done safely. Moving furniture to your new home by yourself or with movers is quite a tricky task. Always remember that dragging your furniture without protection is a major no-no when it comes to moving couches, chairs, tables, and dresser.

For safer and effective ways of moving furniture all by yourself without scratching your floors, check out these tips below.

Use the right equipment and get help

Moving heavy furniture isn’t a small task unless you are planning to move a few chairs, plant stands, and end tables. We would recommend enlisting help because lifting and pushing heavy furniture by you isn’t a great plan. You end up getting injured not only that you end up ruining those beautiful hardwood floors. If you have decided to move your furniture all by yourself then you might need a few types of equipment and packing supplies. Without them, you are helpless while handling heavy furniture. For moving your furniture across the floor use sliders, they are very convenient. You also need to have packing paper and tape for wrapping up the items you take out of your furniture.

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To avoid this ask your families and friends to help you with moving all your heavy furniture. You can also hire professional Moving Furniture Company or moving day labor professionals to assist with the loading and unloading process. You can select from the top furniture moving companies by checking their reviews of various verified users.

Use the right technique

Never try to move furniture just like it. Make sure you take everything apart first, example disassembling your bed frame, headboard, and mattress, removing the cushions from couches. This will doesn’t take a long time and it will also help lighten the load tremendously. It will be a huge advantage if you empty your wardrobe, drawers, cabinets etc. it will lighter for you if the furniture is empty. You can remove the legs of your chairs and bed. Make sure that you have a toolbox handy. Once you have taken all the furniture apart, moving to your new home will be easier.

Assemble everything on the floor

Make sure that you remove your carpets, baskets, and knick-knacks on the floor. You need to remove everything from the floor while moving furniture. This is important for so many reasons, first you want to do is trip over something on the floor when moving heavy furniture. Second, you can’t really move a furniture if you are constantly bumping into things along the way. You may scratch your furniture in addition to your floor.

Get furniture slider or gliders

After wrapping up your furnishing in moving blankets, use sliders to move your furniture easily. You don’t have to lift heavy furniture, use the slider to slide the heavy furniture. You can easily find these online. A slider is a piece of durable plastic on one side while rubber on the other side that will help your slide heavy furniture with ease. It is used to for underneath furniture legs, once placed underneath the furniture, just tilt it gently on its side and slide the right material underneath without scratching up your hardwood. Furniture sliders are perfect for couches, dressers and heavy appliances.

Use blankets

Blankets are the great asset when you need to move your furniture all by yourself. These moving blankets are padded and it is also used to wrap and protect furniture when pushing or pulling them along the floor. They are multi-purpose as they can assist in protecting and moving your furniture. You need to spread out the blanket and gently lay the piece of pieces of furniture like dresser, deck, and table. Then take the end of the blanket and drag it from the room to wherever your destination is. If paying for moving blankets isn’t in your budget, you can also use towels and cardboard as an alternative.

Get a furniture dolly

Furniture dolly is regarded as a mover’s best friend. A furniture dolly is an L-shaped two-wheeled handcart that remains unrivaled as far as efficiency, safety, and usefulness are concerned. It’s simple yet effective and indispensable a moving dolly can be for lifting and moving heavy objects during a move. You can rent a sturdy utility dolly from a local moving company or even consider purchasing one. You can use furniture dolly for transporting all types of heavyweight stuff in your new residence.

Move your furniture slowly and gently

Make sure that you are moving your furniture slowly and carefully, avoid hurting yourself and your floors. If you are picking the furniture off the ground, make sure that you use proper lifting techniques. Never ever try to lift a heavy object above shoulder level. If you decide to push and pull the furniture across the floor, make sure that you use a slider. You need to move your furniture slowly and carefully, make sure that nothing is scratching up your floors in the process. You also need to this on your mind that it’s not a race to be very careful. Moving heavy furniture is a serious business.

Wear proper clothing and footwear

You know that your safety is your top priority. Go for the most comfortable clothes that you find on your dresser. The moving day cloths should be made of a flexible and breathable material that will let you move freely. Don’t go for baggy clothes as they can get hooked on a piece of furniture which in turn could lead to nothing good. The shoe you choose should be the closed-toe type with rubber soles that provide excellent friction. Footwear with good ankle support would be preferable as well as most often you will quickly realize that a good pair of sports shoes should be your best choice. Don’t forget to use high-quality work gloves that will improve your grip and protect your hands at the same time.

Using movers

Hiring a moving company will save you from a headache and stress of making a costly mistake during a crucial part of your life. Now how about getting the movers to help? Now that is the easy part.

Ask your friends and family for referrals

When it comes to finding the right movers for your furniture then, you need to start asking your friends and family for recommendations. Your co-workers, friends, and realtor might able to suggest you a local moving furniture company that you should avoid.

Every family has a familiar dentist, doctor, and even a chiropractor. Before moving to a new place asks your current provider for recommendations of quality treatment in your new residence.


You should go according to your budget. Get a budget goal and ask your movers to provide you a minimum budget list. Don’t forget to add travel fees if you are moving from one city to another. The travel fee covers the labor costs and fuel required. It also required covering the time required for movers to get from their storefront to your destination. Make sure that you ask the mover which add-ons are necessary for the move and whether they are included in the price.

You don’t have to worry about anything

You can relax as movers will do their job. Leave the entire heavy lifting object to the professionals. By enlisting a moving company, you don’t have to worry about lifting and carrying any of heavy furniture down the stairs and out the door. You won’t get injured while lifting heavy furniture. Now you can actually relax and can able to do some important tasks.


You have hired a legitimate and experienced moving company; these movers will be pretty reliable. The moving company will arrive on a time with the appropriate moving equipment and supplies. It can save you from gathering dollies and furniture pads at the last minute. Hiring a moving company will save a lot of time.

Save you from stress

Hiring a moving company will save you from many of the common moving stresses. Taking help from right moving will save you from having to maneuver a giant moving truck down the highway. A good moving company will take the majority of stress, letting them handle the packing and loading of the truck can take the burden off from your shoulders. Moving trucks are tricky and challenging to drive even trailers isn’t easy either. It’s a great idea for hiring movers if driving moving truck stresses you out. Knowing that you are in good hands and working with competent movers can help you to reduce stress and also allow you to enjoy the ride. You don’t have to worry about anything while the professional mover will take care of your things.

Moving insurance

Entrusting your precious belongings to complete strangers can spark anxiety quite a number of reasons. Constantly one question will come across your mind “What if your furniture arrives damaged” or “What if they don’t arrive at all”. There are few uncommon damages does occasionally occur while moving from one place to another place. For this reason, make sure that you pay close attention to what kind of insurance your furniture moving company provides. Your movers should carry a worker’s compensation insurance and give you a proof with all the insurance upon your request. You can also take photos of your belonging before, in case something goes missing or broken.

Packing is done right

Packing is a task that is unavoidable no matter how much you hate it. However, you decide to complete the task and do not randomly toss things into boxes. The amazing benefits of using a professional moving company include everything is packed and handle with care. A good moving furniture company always used good quality materials to protect your possessions. It significantly reduces the lost and broken items.

Saves time

When you are hiring a full service moving company for your job, your move will be completed in an efficient and quick manner. A moving company will take care of all the grunt work for you, but also they will come in and build a plan based on your needs, their years of experience will help you go smoothly and perfectly as far as possible.


Starting your life in your new home with broken belongings can be heartbroken and stressful. You can easily avoid this situation while working with a professional moving company. Professional movers are used to shifting furniture and heavy objects. They also know how to take appropriate safety precautions. Your movers know better to handle stairs and narrow spaces. They also have all the necessary equipment to handle all your belongings. A good moving company will have a number of different coverage options to protect your valuable. There are different options for local and long distance options. So choosing the right insurance option is also necessary.

Storing items

If in a situation where you have to out of your current residence, and your new place isn’t ready to occupy, a good moving company can store your item for you. The movers will pack all your belongings into boxes and load them back into a truck. However, rather than driving them to your new home most probably they will take them to their storage facility until you are ready to move into your new home.

Do your research

Have a proper background check on the moving company. You can get more details on the internet. Ask your friends and families if they have any idea about your moving company. Always go for those who have a good background and can provide you with the best insurance policy.