A recent new gig has emerged, an engineering platform that connects thousands of supply chain and operations excellence engineers to companies seeking optimization.

SCMOPEX.com is a new gig that is building up the worlds largest database of experienced engineers with one aim in mind, to provide an easy to access online platform for optimization jobs.

The vison is that a company seeking optimization will register to the SCMOPEX website, via a PC or an iOS/Android App. They will be able to upload the information for an initial 2 hour free consultancy. After which, if the company wants to proceed, will sign an inline contract that starts the project.

Registered engineers will see a job board where they can choose which customers they want to provide a service for. This is a FIFO system, so the first engineer to take the job will “close” the jobs visibility on the job board.

Payment is amazing too, Engineers register for free, they get 50% of the projects fee, and an equal percentage of the pot (the remaining 40%, where 10% went to management fees). This means that any registered engineer will earn “passive income” even when not working.

Companies only pay between $100 to $500 per month, even if the project fee is $100,000. The payment is split up in monthly installments, and even when the job is over, they payments continue.

SCMOPEX provides 4 reviews (maintenance once every quarter) for the first year for free.

Watch out for this gig, its going to take over the world of optimization.