Cycling is full of fun whether you’re doing it professionally or just to catch fun during your leisure periods. Nevertheless, the pains that come with cycling (especially in the course of long-distance rides) have made it an important task to find ways of making a bike more comfortable. If you’re seeking to make your bike more comfortable for just any riding activity, below are some 6 ways you can always reckon with.

Choose an Ideal Saddle

It’s possible that you have saddle sores or feel uncomfortable even after making adjustments to your bike. Should this be the case, you may have to get a different saddle –precisely the one that has been tailored to meet your needs and even suit the width of your hip. If you’re a cyclist that often rides on roads, you should opt for a saddle that will lower your hips and enable them get more aerodynamic.

Enlarge Your Tires

Enlarging the size of your bike’s tires not only gives you comfort while riding, it also prepares you fully for prolonged rides such as tours. You can benefit something greater than comfort by simply having ideal tire pressure and size. Based on your activity, as well as the size of your body, it’s ideal to maintain lower pressures for your larger tires.

Know the Ideal Saddle Tilt

The importance of using a saddle with the appropriate tilt cannot be overemphasized. At best, you should opt for a saddle with a plane or moderately downward tilt. If your saddle tilt is overly downward, your hand is likely to become numb and in the case of a saddle with an upward tilt, chances are that you’ll develop sores and your groin will become numb. A saddle with an overly downward tilt will keep much pressure on your hands and make you glide forwards.

Get High Handlebars

If you really want to derive more comfort while cycling, you shouldn’t overlook the use of high handlebars. To ensure there is more pressure on the butt with relatively little weight on the hands, high handlebars are commonly recommended to new cyclists. More often, expert cyclists set up using low handlebars and this may result in saddle sores, back pain and a shortage of power output.

Try Using Chunky Grips

If your riding experience is always accompanied by hand numbness or wrist pain, it would be a great idea to opt for chunky grips. You might sustain certain injuries through the use of improper grips but to avoid this or correct any related discomfort, you can choose ergonomic grips or ESI chunky.

The Height of Your Saddle

If you’re always bent on enhancing your skills and adding more comfort to your cycling experience, you’re likely to put up your bicycle for pedaling. Since they find it more pleasant to stand with the two feet on the ground, a majority of new riders prefer to have lower bike seats. Perhaps, you can have an extremely forward or low saddle if the front of your knee is painful. But if your saddle is extremely high, it’s possible that your hamstring or the back of your knee is painful.

Hybrid bikes can also make your commute easier. Today, you can find best hybrid bikes online from the comfort of your chair and do not have to step foot in a physical store.


In case you are yet to have a perfect bike for yourself, you should consider having one. In fact, you can customize your own bike to have all the features you like in a bike. If you are a woman looking for a perfect bike for yourself, you can choose the best women’s bicycle available online. Overall, you need to look for ways to have a comfortable bike riding experience.