Golf is not a perfectionist game as it may seem, although this partially explains why it is, in most cases, under vicious criticism attack. Notably, there are times the golf sport brings the heat it on itself; even its defenders and crowned champions including most of us acknowledge these intrinsic vices. For many non-players, they have created stereotypes about the game after maybe watching too many movies or even sports channels without setting foot on the field.


Golf stereotypes

Golf is a very boring game: Most people might find golf to be quite a mind-numbing game simply because they do not play. Though, this is a false stereotype. Why? Because we can concur that most non-golfers tend to hold to the notion that golf is a sport with a bunch of old folks clad in yuppie clothing simply whisking a ball for hours with small talks and laughs here and there.

Golf is an unreal sport: Averagely, a game of golf is set to last approximate four and half hours with gamers consistently being involved in both their physical and mental stamina. However, a number of stereotypes created by most non-golf enthusiasts think that to be in a sport; one need to break a sweat, due to something else rather than the scorching heat from the sun while enjoying a margarita while seated in a motorized cart, which is exactly what happens in golf.

Golf has its own fair distinction of being a non-athletic hobby similar to yachting, which occasionally insists on being viewed as a sport. However, if the chief athlete of a lifetime, Michael Jordan considered golf as an interesting sport, that is good enough for us.

Golf lacks defense mojo! A number of people make baseless assumptions in terms of golf being a defenseless sport, which lack support and performance. This is because individuals play solo without teams, something very common in other sporting activities. On the brighter side, golf fans view it as a sport that builds confidence by allowing individuals to stand against a group of people.

Golf is not a strenuous game: We all can agree that most people prefer riding to footing it! However, golf has outdone itself by spoiling more than just walking; it just the sophistication part of it. This is because most golfers do not enjoy the walks but rather prefer in riding in golf cart wheels. Also, some golfers enjoy being carried around by servants in litters. Yes, we get it; most of them earn quite a lump sum but still…

Golf players’ stereotypes

There are a couple of different types of golfers. Some come out as serious, some funny, others downright pathetic with most of them in between.

Golf Ball Explorer
Golf Ball Explorer

The golf ball explorer

Ever come across a golfer willing to go through thick and thin just to get back their precious ball or create a rack of lost balls. Well, the ball explorer shows just how much the game is.

The Cheat

This is a golfer with a whole load of shenanigans up his sleeves. You will always catch these players plotting and be looking nervously around at vantage points where they can relocate their ball.

The mood swing golfer

After scoring a hole-in-one, these golfers escalate to, ‘I am such a pro. I was born to do this’. However, a few seconds later after hitting a house and slicing the ball, “golf is such a waste of time! I hate it.”

Golfer Backswing
Golfer Backswing

The golfer that talks during a backswing

Imagine doing your backswing and just cannot get rid of the golfer trying hard enough to whisper a joke. Yes, you might think you have had enough, but unfortunately, these golfers also possess a knack of finding out your scores on the last hole.

The shadow golfer

That one golfer you will come across that is ignorant of how much their snooping shadow blocks the sight of the path of the hole. They are ever peeping to get a view of some action.

The Adventurer

“Eyes on the price”; neither water, trees nor any physical roadblock is good or gigantic enough to deter this golfer from sticking to the balls’ position. Whether under water or stuck in a tree trunk, this player is always committed to balls’ position.

The pro NASCAR driver golfer

This golfer is a Jeff Gordon clone; his/her thrill is just to take the wheel of the golf cartwheels and find its maximum speed. Insane, right!

The Over celebrator

There is no chance of this golfer missing celebrations after having a 1997 Master’s tournament Tiger Woods shot moment pops in their heads. Yes, practically there is no chance of them having this shot but it just seems to pop up, and the celebration fiasco is in action.

The Swing Advisor

The word here is ‘stumbled’ upon a golfer who unnecessarily corrects other golfer’s swings. The golfer who cannot refrain from pointing out flaws in other golfers swings.

The “Pro”

‘Success is in the eyes of the beholder’ might not apply to our ‘pro’ golfer. Outwardly, they might appear to be very professional. However, the way in which they hit off their first tee will have you thinking otherwise. It is completely ugh!

The as seen on TV golfer

Gambling, trickery, gimmicks, and tools are one of the few lengths these golfers are willing to go in order to improve their game.

The overly irrational golfer

Luck must be knocking at this one’s door since they insist on sticking to similar routines and attires after hitting a jackpot shot in hope to achieve another.

The ball whisperer

Have you ever come across a golfer who believes they can whisper and create a situation where a ball is loyal to them? Well, this is one much-witted golfer who believe they can command ‘Sit! Stay! Bite!’ whisper to a ball.

The trick shot master

The “it shot” golfer. From flopping, the ball into their direction to the happy Gilmore hit dance shot. For this golfers’ shot to count, they feel like they owe people a show, hence the need for it be done in a in a cool way. These golfers do not risk their chances.

What golf actually needs are heels and not just someone to root against it, but an individual with wits, guts and someone who is capable of leaning into it. It is rare to find a willing golfer with bravado. Hence, it is about that time when Butler Cabin showed some swagger.