Do you rely on blogs to promote your business? If yes, then you have come across the leading logo designing apps available online. Interestingly, blogging enable a brand to place itself in front of the potential customers who might be interested in products and services that a business cannot promote through other mediums.

Creating a fantastic logo is mandatory for a blog as it is placed on website. You should place a brand logo on a blog along with the best digital assets you can use to promote a brand. If you look at any of the leading brands online, you will notice the significance of making yourself unique among others. The theory is known as the brand saturation, meaning that people will identify you through a logo across different online platform and places.

If your brand logo does not look the way you want it to be, then you can use a professional logo creation tool. It does not count if you already own a fantastic logo, or are looking for improving digital collection. You can go through our list of the best and trending logo designs apps below:


Pixlr is one of the best browser-based apps that run following a process similar to the adobe Photoshop. The service is free to use. An important consideration for building logo design is that you shouldn’t rely too much on the technical designing skills. If you have a font, icon, or design in mind, then you can build a logo hassle-freely through using Pixlr website.

As Pixlr is quite advanced tool and is capable to create various designs, you can use it for logo creation. The app is simple to use and hassle-free to develop logo designs through utilizing textual and visual media. Pixlr serves best when you are seeking to build a design that you will later pass on to a designer.


Empowering users to design a logo and bring in creativity is what the TailorBrands does. TailorBrands falls among the leading logo-designing tools that offer various options based on particular taste and style. You can choose an ideal logo on their website and showcase a company’s image and aspects, playing around with tons of colors, styles, designs, templates, and much more. The result is a logo design that pitched-perfect and remarkable as per specific business requirement.

When talking about the aspects that differentiate TailorBrands from others, the app is powered by AI. Having said, users can provide users with a finalized logo design in less than three minutes. Also, there are some free logo maker app that you can use to design a logo. Since there a fine difference between the free logo maker and logo designer, TailorBrands does not only take technical skills and design factors away from the users, but also offer various logo design drafts and creation tool to choose. Besides providing users with an access to a great platform, the TailorBrands offer economical plans for logo designing.

To start making logo with TailorBrands, you can provide a submission of a simple logo design, and use the logo design wizard. If you are not happy with a logo design, then you repeat the process and try a different template, color, and more logo features.

Graphic Springs

Graphic Spring is one of the leading AI based logo designing tools that offer logo-building services. The online logo-designing tool allows you to enter necessary information and develop a logo in about less than a minute.

The logo designing process it fast and hassle-free; a large number of bloggers choose Graphic Springs due to fantastic designing features. The tool is however not recommended for professional logo designing. The reason lies on the fact that the online logo creation tools are customizable within some limits. Having said, you will need a free logo maker app to accomplish the goal. On top, Graphic Springs is a useful tool that can provide you with a concept about a logo that you want to build.

If you hire a designer sometime later, then you can present them with a logo that you created on the Graphic Spring, showcasing your ideas.


If you have not heard of the Canva, then there are various reasons to learn about this logo-designing app. Let it be creation of a logo design for a blog or seeking to build a fantastic logo design for a book cover, Canva can do the job effectively. It is free to try and offers a broad range of pre stored visuals including the clipart, images, template, and much more. Canva offers a broad selection of specific images that you can use for just 99 cents each image. Canva stands as the best logo-designing tool.

The tool is browser-based and can be utilized to express what you think. In addition, it allows you to develop a personal feel for a logo design process, offering you a chance to see elements that you require to build a fantastic logo design. A large number of professionals are seeking for ways to build a mobile friendly website. Developing a great logo can make a website more appealing.

Logo Genies

If you want to try designing a logo for your brand, you can start with a Logo Genie that offers logo creation immediately though the company name and using an automated Artificial Intelligence engine. The moment you place a company name, you will be moved to another screen, requiring you to enter information about a business such as industry type, baseline, and additional details.

Later, you will be moved to a screen where you can select a logo, customize it as specific preference, and download accordingly. The moment you finish all steps, you can download and use a logo wherever you want including advertisement activities. Logo Genie offers varied pricing plans depending on the logo that you wish to design. A sample is offered in PNG, JPG, and PDF formats. In addition, you can update options such as vector and social media images.

99 Designs

99Designs stands as the most commonly utilized logo-designing tool. This tool is empowered by the AI, enabling users to build a logo by themselves. However, if you require something professional, then you can go with custom logo designer and pay premium prices.

In case, you are looking to build a logo design for book cover, then 99Designs provides clients with a massive range of options. Designers worldwide who want to accept projects choose it. But, you will need to shop until you find the designing tool that utilizes the reasonable logo designing process.


Fiverr is the popular website that offers a massive selection of graphic designers around the world. It enables the users to hire freelance designers situated in various parts of the world. A task can start from as low as $5. The site has transformed greatly over the period. The site started as a platform that offered beginner level graphic designers and artists. But, now it has expanded to various fields including writing, translation, designing, online marketing, and a lot more.

You can discover someone to do the logo designing activities for you. However, you should check the past feedback on his/her work. Tough you can receive free revisions by different designers; however, you need to go through the website’s policies before starting a project.

Don’t Settle When You Need to Go Beyond

We have conducted experiments and offered different solutions to the businesspersons looking to build brand logos. Almost every person can check the various tools, ideas, concepts, and approaches that they will use for a project. Developing a successful blog is essential almost every small, mid, and enterprise level companies today.

You can think of what you should include in a logo before approaching a designer with multiple concepts. The moment you come across different ideas, you can reach out to a professional designer, and check how they transform ideas into appealing logo designs. If you still do not know about where to begin, then you can visit one of the best logo design apps mentioned in this article.

The tools mentioned above offer useful features and have utilized in building fantastic logo designs. Every tools mentioned in this article can be useful to you, handing over the creative decisions to you while utilizing the best AI focused design features.


Until now, we have unfolded the leading logo designing apps in the 2019. If you want to more about the logo designing apps, then you can mention it at the bottom. Though there are various designing tools available on internet, many claim to offer great logo designing experience.

After conducting individual testing, we discovered that a large number of such tools only make false claims. As many of the tools, require premium subscription to download the built logo in higher resolution. Having said, what is the point in offering great logo design features, when it is of no use of them?

However, we found the above-mentioned tools as the most reliable ones. These tools offer handy features to create the desired logo effectively. In addition, these tools have also proven to educate the beginners in learning designing skills.

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