The bride is the main center of attraction on the occasion of marriage because she dressed up distinctively and beautifully than others. Everything including her clothes, jewelry and other accessories are designed with utmost perfection so that the day remains memorable for a lifetime. Wedding and engagement ceremonies are among the most important events in someone’s life thus their preparations also must be special.

Especially when it comes to the engagement ring selection, one must gain some knowledge regarding different settings and materials. If you are going to be engaged and didn’t finalize the ring for bride till now, it’s time to be serious. At first sight, every ring looks similar, but when you go deeper in detail, a wide range of settings will come in contrast. Exchanging rings on engagement is one of the oldest traditions that you will see in almost every religion around the world. As time changes, new designs come into existence. Read the below article to understand all essential aspects of bridal engagement rings.

What To Look While Choosing A Diamond?

While choosing a diamond for your bride’s ring, consider 4Cs in priority. These C alphabets represent 4 different characteristics of a diamond which are:-

1) Cut

Cuts of a diamond matter most because they are responsible for diamond’s sparkling. A precisely pruned diamond unleashes maximum light and can be availed in many shapes. The stone having even patterns of dark and bright areas are considered in the category of the highest grade.

2) Colour

Colour is an important characteristic to consider while choosing a diamond for the bride. Generally, the pink Argyle diamonds are the most valuable stones because of their scarcity hugely demanded by ladies. Apart from that, diamonds are also available in different colors like blue, purple, and yellow or white. White diamonds are abundantly available. Thus their value is also lower than colorful stones.

3) Clarity

Natural diamonds are obtained from the deepest layers of earth’s crust. Therefore impurities or defects are obvious. No naturally occurring diamond is 100% error free, and these errors are called inclusion. More inclusion means less clarity and vice versa. The diamond of flawless (FL) category has the highest value whereas included (I3) category has the lowest value in the market. Read the characteristics of white or pink Argyle diamonds carefully to make sure that you are paying the right price.

4) Carat

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. Generally, 200 mg is considered 1 carat, and it is the major factor to define the diamond’s value. A finely sliced diamond with high-level clarity and high carat value are the key factors in defining the price.

Apart from these 4Cs, shape, and certification of an engagement ring also matters. Always make sure that the diamond that you are going to buy is certified by international standard gem labs such as GIA, AGI, GIS, and EGL.


Popular Diamond Shapes To Consider By Their Cuts

1) Princess Cut

2) Round Brilliant Cut

3) Cushion Cut

4) Marquise Cut

5) Oval Cut

6) Pear Cut

7) Asscher Cut

8) Emerald Cut

9) Radiant Cut


Diamond Shapes.jpg

Currently, diamond shapes in these cuts are available in the market. You can either visit a jewelry showroom or order online from any of these stones from a reliable seller.

Best Diamond Ring Settings for Bride

After deeply understanding the characteristics of a diamond and its different shapes, not you need to know about the settings. The term “setting” means the shape of a ring which has some basic parameters. You can see countless designs of diamond rings in a jewelry shop, but all of them are based on some settings that you will come to know here.

1) Prong Setting

For ladies, this one is one of the best diamond ring settings available in the market. It is a widely popular design and has an elegant classic look. Prong means the metal claws that rises upward to capture the diamond stone securely. The elevated diamond fixed in prong reflects maximum light. Thus the ring easily comes in notice while in a party. Also, it supports different shapes of pink Argyle diamonds which are currently popular among ladies due to their feminism color. The only thing that you must care about this setting is an issue of snagging on clothes or solid things because of the raised portion.

2) Tension Setting

The tension of a metal band is responsible for holding a diamond in this kind of engagement ring. It is among the modern ring settings that youth prefers to wear. Due to the unique tension shape, stone appears as suspended between two ends. Platinum metal is suggested for such kind of setting because of its robustness. It can securely hold the diamond and reflect maximum light because of the frameless crown. Before placing an order, keep one thing clear in mind that is very expensive to resize.

Diamond Rings Setting.jpg

3) Trinity Setting

Trinity or sometimes considered as three stone setting comes in the category of classic settings. As the name is illustrating, three stones are settled on the crown. Either all stones of the same size or middle bigger than other two are options that you can avail. The Australian Diamond Company designs it with pink Argyle diamonds followed by white ones on both sides to give a distinctive look. More stones mean more extra sparkle that can easily come in the notice. Due to its detailed diamond work, you need to take extra care for cleaning.

4) Flush Setting

If your bride is a regular working woman who cannot take care of prongs and halos, this one is the best option to choose. Unlike other traditions models, a flush setting is entirely made with metal and diamond is fixed inside a hammered hole securely. Simple and sleek design with high security to stone is the positive characteristics of this setting. Due to the plain round design, the visibility of stone remains lesser than other options.

After reading the above points, it is now clear that how many details can be explored while choosing a simple engagement ring. Before visiting a jewelry showroom, one must have basic knowledge regarding what he/she is going to purchase. It doesn’t require any special deep knowledge, the understanding of quality standards and setting types are important. The jeweler will show you numerous designs but don’t get confused and ask for a setting that you require. Also, confirm the certification and source of diamond while finalizing the model.