I am a guest cup, I am very excited, I like black steampunk corset, and I like a lot of things related to steampunk. When I was told that my bra was not the correct size, Charlie asked me why I didn’t try to pick a corset and pick it from galshape.com. This site, I have never been to before, it has a lot of funny/retro / steampunk stuff, these things are exciting. It’s like putting a child in a dessert shop.

So I said ‘Yes! ‘

steampunk corset for women
Steampunk corset for women

I am a small cup, 5 feet 2 inches, British size 6-8, hey, a little inferior. This situation supports that I really like the corset – after all, everyone wants to be more perfect. I like the corset as a top, I prefer it, whether it is for makeup (this is a good excuse), or that I like it (I can’t think of an excuse…)

Unfortunately, I have no experience in choosing a corset – those who dare to promote tailor-made or top-quality things, I didn’t buy them, I know what I am suitable for. At the bottom of the corset or the inevitable small gap under my arm, once, when I put on a “strapless corset bra,” it was not scaled down properly. The sleeves are two inches taller than my actual shoulder. Despite this, I did not give up because of this. I was very happy when I saw Charlie¡¯s invitation.

After some deliberation, I went to Galshape.com. It has a detachable belt and a shoulder jacket, which is good. My hips are 32 inches, the bust is 32 inches, and the waist is 26.5 inches. According to the recommendations from the website, the size that suits me is 22 inches. I don’t know what will happen next, but I will wait and see.

First impression

The first feeling is that the quality is very good, very heavy, this is a heavy corset – at least better than I have seen before – work well. The material feels good, the cotton lining is very good, and even the belt is thicker and thicker than I thought. The belt is attached to the inside of the bodice, similar to the front D-ring. This is a good surprise because the level of hidden details is something I didn’t think of!

Waist Training Corset
Waist Training Corset



Suitable for

The most important thing is to fit.
When I put it on and felt fit, I was very satisfied – the fit on the waist – but my little cup was a bit of a hassle (I had to sigh). No matter how tight I wear, there is always a small gap at the top, just under my arm, between the corset and the sides. The shape is not right. It’s easy to put on my chest, maybe because of the shape is not suitable, there is no special support or feeling of elevation.

There is still a problem with the belt. It looks good when it is attached to the bodice, but once it is detached. The ring on the belt and the D-ring on the bodice will be in different positions – if the person with the flat chest is wearing a corset, the belt can be properly connected. If you move it, it will change position; you have to stretch a little. As wear increases, it deforms, which is a design flaw.

On the other hand, the jacket feels very beautiful, and the object is exactly the same as in the photo. The adjustable back is a little swinging, it fits perfectly on the shoulders, and the bodice looks easy.

I wore it (dance/pretend sword fight) and successfully spent the night in my apartment. Not loose or rubbed, very comfortable. The belt will make it harder to sit down because it is under the buttocks, but this is also a good deal.


What does this corset give you? Did you make your eyes shine? There are no traditional neat clothes, only stylish decorations, bodysuit women clothing, and a lot – you can definitely find what you like, and you are very happy. I like the old-fashioned zippers and buckles in front because they are perfect for decoration. Faux leather looks good too, giving a cute feeling because the beautifully patterned panels are very comfortable to fit together. It feels quite good; I am surprised to see these.

Final judgment

Although there are some minor problems, this will not make me feel regret buying it because it is still fit. It looks good too. I let the belt work, and that little problem won’t affect anything – just a little disappointing. I prefer to wear it while pairing with a steampunk outfit, like a real bodice, sturdy and fun, it will make you feel cool while attracting you.

Sometimes, in order to fit, do you need to wear it alone? I will say ‘no’; if you want to shape other things, I will not recommend it to you. Can Only I make it feel better to wear it? No! You too.