From home security gadgets to smart TVs and from artificial intelligence to augmented reality, we are living in the tech age and it is no wonder that most would want to acquire the best that technology has to offer. We have autonomous cars and robots ready to do our bidding and no matter how surreal this used to sound like in the past, it is becoming an emerging reality.

For new developers and old, the one major event each year where they can showcase and boast about their new gadgets and technological advancements is the Consumer Electronics Show, held in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. There’s no bigger platform than CES for the latest in tech-related devices/gadgets. The chances for improving your business and creating a successful market value are limitless as it hosts consumers from all around the globe. From brilliantly transformational technology to the wackiest of gadgets, the endless possibilities are what attract thousands of tech geeks and business enthusiasts to CES each year, with a steady rise in the numbers of attendees as well as exhibitors.

World’s top-notch industrial giants and pioneers of technology come to present not only their ideas for what to expect from technology in the future but also share their success stories which are motivational and give inspiration to the newcomers. The whole place pulses with energy and it is the best place to find potential customers. A few trends that should be looked out for in 2019 are;

5G enabled world

Connectivity is becoming the thing to go to whether you’re sitting in your home space or are traveling around. Comcast is introducing packages and promotions to achieve just that. The 5G technology was introduced last year with the hope of bringing the whole world a little closer. It will not only give faster speeds but will also help with the optimum running of your smart homes, making life relatively easier and safer. It will get implemented somewhere around the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019. The next year’s CES is surely bringing us some very good news with relevance to connectivity so be on the lookout for Comcast promotions to experience the finest connectivity available. Smart cars depend on stable and more efficient high-speed systems, which will be dealt with by bringing 5G technology to our lives everywhere. Imagine the multi-gaga byte download speed, and that’s only the start.

Artificial Intelligence and robots as companions

Artificial intelligence is one technology that’s been happening slowly and steadily till in the recent years where we’ve seen big jumps due to which, the trust has been developing on it to provide accuracy. As our lives become more digitized every day, more data is being gathered and then fed into AI activated gadgets and systems, making them learn our behaviors and habits and creating harmonious bonds even with the skeptics of AI. Robotics is another one on the rise and to be expected to amaze in the coming year CES. We’ll see not only some cute looking machines that will be smartly enabled to recognize and help family members but also some adorable pets. With the new improvements, they will be able to portray emotions as well with the help of lights and given facial features.

Health sensors

Internet of Things is gaining headway with amazing speed, and it is the era of everything smarter, from homes to cars to other consumer goods. One among these is the health sensor. From detecting the quality of air inside your home to the one that’s outside, from Nano-tech gadgets to help resolve and find out health issues, health sensors will help improve both quality and quantity of life. Sleep sensors for finding out sleep patterns and discomforts and UV sensors that you can attach to your skin for when you go out in the sun are two such examples.

Amazing LED’s

Yes, they have been there for some time now but imagine the possibilities that the new improvements are bringing. They are getting thinner, micro to be exact, with brilliant colors and resolution as they will have their light and will consume lesser power. Wouldn’t that be intense now? This is one of those steady trends that one should look out for each year at the show.

VR revolutionizing our lives

Most of the VR application has been seen in the gaming and entertainment sectors while at other places, we haven’t started taping upon the great potential of virtual reality. One problem was the big headset which is being dealt with and so with lighter and more comfortable gear, we can expect VR to delve deeper into our lives, social meetups, as well as real like gatherings with family and friends, will become part of VR and not just limited to likes and comments on social media apps.

Smart cities

According to the analysts at CES, the smart city technology is going to help with the transportation facilities greatly in the US. Mobility will increase by smart street signs to lamp posts, which will detect not only the availability of a parking place but will also help with determining the level of snow in winter or rain where flooding can happen. Smartphone users will be well-connected data communicators, and the whole city will become a smart community with systems working efficiently to move towards one goal that is better living.

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A few wacky ones

Other than these, CES also homes some weird yet insanely cool gadgets. Some of them include the flying selfly drone and the water drone (power dolphin). Both may not seem too important but imagine being at a scenic mountain range, and for your life’s sake you cannot hold the camera to save the breathtaking views, well selfly can picture you and the view. The water drone can bait and catch fish while topo-graphing water areas as well as take pictures inside and outside water.

We can look forward to being surprised by the next CES with breakthrough upgradations in the entire present tech, as well see some new faces of gadgets that can simply change our perspective about technology and where it may lead us.