The term ‘Dirt Biking’ conjures a very powerful image in the minds of the readers. It is often considered an extreme sport. This sport, however, has several benefits that cannot be ignored. It ensures a full body workout with special emphasis on the limbs that helps a great deal when one wants to stay fit and have fun at the same time.

Though riding a motorcycle can cause some pain, but there are a few tips which can easily help you get rid of it. One may go as far as to say that dirt biking can be a fun, economical and easier alternative to all those gym memberships. Research also shows that people who bike regularly, or are engaged in any sort of sport have a better mental and physical health, and are generally more satisfied with their bodies and fitness.

While, it is very right to say that dirt biking requires skill, knowledge of how to ride a bike and is obviously tougher than on-road biking, for beginners and people looking to learn the sport, it comes with numerous health benefits! These health benefits are often not spoken about much, and not many are aware of the same.

Now, while a motorized bike will not be as strenuous as a manual bike, it is still an excellent way to stay fit and healthy. In addition to the dirt biking, a regime that combines it with on bike and off bike exercises is a great way to ensure fitness.

Read on to know five major positives that this sport will bring to your life and help you turn into a fitter version of yourself!


Dirt biking is almost like a good cardio day in the gym. The benefits can be equated to those of jogging or a low to medium level endurance exercise. One of the foremost benefits of the sport is that it increases your heart rate, helping it to pump blood and hence increasing blood regulation in the body. An average ride should bring your heart rate somewhere near the mid-130s, while a strenuous ride is full of obstacles and jumps which may bring it up to 140-150.


Experienced people and people who have never sat on a bike before both would know that even if one is on a motorized bike, lots of lower and upper body strength is required to balance, turn and manoeuvre a bike on a regular road.

Imagine the strength required to maintain the same pace and turn the bike while off-roading, and during jumps on a rough terrain! Hence, dirt biking is very helpful in exercising your hamstrings, quadriceps and other leg muscles, and also in strengthening the triceps and forearms.


After reading the above, it is evident that dirt-biking will inevitably increase your cardiovascular health and your endurance immensely.

In addition to using several muscles in your arms and legs and boosting the heart rate, it will also expose you to the outdoors and to dust and gravel, thereby increasing your overall immunity as well.


Burning calories is undoubtedly one of the major health benefits associated with this sport. Maintaining balance, and being on the tracks for an hour or more will help burn a lot of calories.

Another method by which dirt biking helps the body burn calories and keep itself very active is that when cold winds hit the body due to the speed involved in the sport, the basal body temperature comes down. The human body works in such a manner that when the basal temperature goes down, the body burns reserve fats and carbohydrates in order to release energy and in turn bring the body temperature back up again.

This, coupled with all the other benefits really helps in maintaining a good and healthy physical state.


The last benefit that I will be talking about isn’t something that comes to mind instantly. In addition to all the physical stimulation that dirt biking brings, the sport also brings with it mental exercise and stimulation.

In order to successfully pursue any sport, without injuring oneself, it is important to be alert at all times. Knowing which track to take, navigating through the dirt and maintaining your balance and posture (another benefit by the way!) stimulates activity in the frontal region of the brain and helps improve concentration.

A bonus is that this activity can be undertaken alone or in the company of your friends or loved ones, and it will still be as stimulating and fun!

In conclusion, we have to realise that not every sport is for everyone, but life is too short to not try something, especially a sport that brings with it so many positives! If you are someone who chooses to try it out, or are already engaging in the sport, keep these benefits in mind and map out your entire routine accordingly.

When done in the right manner, this comes with benefits that are hard to ignore and will surely help you achieve be fit and enjoy the process.

Stay healthy, stay fit and stay happy!