All of us wish for luxury to seep into our lives and we keep finding ways to accommodate this nearing flow. One way to truly explore luxury is to dive right into it and introduce it into your lives through your bathrooms.

Remodeling your bathroom using some amazing products from Queo can help you rediscover luxurious living at its peak. And while it is immensely rewarding and fulfilling to have access to a luxurious bathroom products, designing it can be quite a task and it can be more than a complicated affair. But with these few guiding rules, you can become a pro at acing the design game and make the most of your very cherished bath space.

1. Comfort First

Comfort is the first factor that one must consider when designing a bathroom. Luxury comes with comfort and a truly luxurious experience can be delivered only with a comfortable and a relaxing environment. One must bring into play furniture that accessories and are best suited for our own selves. We must also try to incorporate pieces of bath ware that make us feel at ease. Queo’s range of bath ware focuses primarily on comfort, and that makes it the absolute perfect addition to your ideal luxury bathroom.

2. Minimalistic Palette

A minimalistic color palette will help in lending a more luxurious feel to the bathroom. Lighter colors tend to make any space look bigger and lighter. They also add that airy vibe that is essential for one to relax in. One must refrain from having too many colors or too many darker shades when picking out for bathrooms, the lighter side of the palette works perfectly well and blends in better with bathrooms.

3. Proper Lighting

Lighting can affect the overall look of any space immensely. One must not ignore this facet of design. The perfect lighting for a bathroom would be the one that is bright but not blinding. The bathroom should be well lit but should also accommodate the provisions for having dim lighting for the times one wishes to enjoy a relaxing bath or a spa day at home.

4. Customisation is the Key

Your bathroom should be a space that is specifically, strategically designed to maximize your comfort and it should be curated keeping you in mind. A bathroom that reflects the personality of the user is the absolute best. With Queo, you get the liberty to add up parts of your personality to your bathroom. Music lovers can groove on their favourite tunes with the La Musique. People fond of nature can now enjoy rain showers with high end shower heads, waterfalls with cascade shower heads and much more right at the comfort of their homes.

5. Experimentation Creates Wonders

Designing a bathroom is a creative job and so you must embrace the uncertainties and the complexities. You can put on your lab coats and get right at experimenting with various different textures, patterns, ideas and more till you create your masterpiece. Products from Queo will complement this process and will help you in creating a bathroom that you are going to fall in love with.

6. Rope in Technology

When technology is gripping all aspects of our lives, our bathrooms should not be lagging behind, should they? Queo brings to you the best of technology equipped bath ware that is smart enough to transform the way you enjoy your baths. Like a innovative shower head with an inbuilt speaker system that lets you groove to your playlist while you shower or a system that gives you total control of temperature, flow and pressure of the water from your shower.

7. Ventilation Check

A well-ventilated bathroom is the one that will be the most comfortable to be in. Bathrooms are spaces that hold in a lot of humidity and it could be an uncomfortable experience to be in such a place with poor or no ventilation. Proper ventilation must be taken care of in the design plan.

8. Accessorize

It’s too boring to not have fun with your bathroom. Your bathroom needs to be an exciting space and it too deserves its share of accessories and decorations. Luxury bathroom accessories will add an elements of beauty and function to your bathroom.You can go all in and add up the pieces you like and make your bathing experience exciting like never before.

9. Fittings

Bathroom fittings are also one of the most essential features that influence the way the entire bathroom comes together. One must make the right choices when picking out bathroom fittings. Check out Queo’s amazing range of fittings that are sturdy yet stylish and are built to last a lifetime.

10. Less is More

While designing a luxury bathroom, one must live by the philosophy of less is more. A cluttered bathroom can never be a relaxing space to be in. Too much furniture or accessories can make any space look smaller, poorly arranged and sometimes even a design disaster. Adding to that, a bathroom must be a place where we are truly at ease and the design arrangements must not be the overpowering features of the bathroom. Queo’s simplistic but functional designs work amazingly well and can instantly accentuate the look and the feel of any bath space.