YouTube has become the main channel for almost all the things nowadays. Whether it is professional or personal, you can find numerous videos on YouTube as guidance. A lot of people are indulging in YouTube videos and earning money through it as well.

The video tutorials on YouTube allow you to have immense knowledge and help spread the business online as well. Here you will find essential information on how you can product YouTube videos with high quality without any professional video camera or studio.

The function of translation in YouTube is there for anyone to view the subtitles so you people can view it all over the world. As people do not like to watch lengthy videos, so it is better that you keep it as short as within the limit of six minutes. Here are some of the steps for the YouTube tutorials.

Preparing to Record

Outline of Video

The first thing which you have to do is to prepare the outline of the video. Once you are aware of the video content, then you will be able to arrange it and flow within the message which you are trying to convey through video.

You can make the video interesting through the illustrations or pictures and make sure that they are all combined. Another thing which you can do is to use the recording software which has special effects and functions to help it make attractive. There are free versions for the software which help you produce high-quality video, and the sound is great as well.

Recording Video

You have to record the video and the audio of the video in two separate files. It is necessary so that both can be aligned and stay in order. First, you can start off with the video tutorial and then when you are done with the video, record the audio according to the actions in the video separately. It helps you in making fewer mistakes, and then there is less time spent on editing.

When you are recording the video of the tutorial, make sure that you go slowly. Each step needs to be shown slowly and steadily so that the audience can view it. There should not be any error in the video or any actions which should not be there. You cannot be perfect for the first time while recording the video so it may take some practice for you. You have to be patient for it to be perfect and not give up.

When you are about to record the voice, make sure that you have the transcript ready. As you are a beginner, there will be mistakes so you cannot keep on making the new recording every time, it is better to write it and then read it off while watching the video recording. It helps you in voice control and focus on what you are saying instead of getting distracted.


There are many things in editing the file depending on what software you are using. However, some of the basic ones are the clip speed, dimensions, transitions, zooming, effects, and callouts. Making sure that you keep the highest dimension which is 1280×720 which gives an HD view of the video for any size of the screen.

The zooming and transition allow to shift from a different part of the video so if the audience wish to view it quickly then can move back and front easily. You have to apply the editing however you wish to, and you can be perfect at it when you have a lot of practice on it. At present, you can also use a Teleprompter for video. It’s like adding subtitles to your videos. And this looks so cool.


Okay, you have done everything right to make your video, but how do you get eyes/views? Well, in the beginning, you have to do youtube promotion to get recognized in the plethora of videos that are being added every single second. It’s hard to do but can be done with the right tools and help.