An elliptical cross trainer has become a piece of ubiquitous fitness equipment at every gym. According to experts, it is impossible to have too many cross trainers at the gym since no one ever seems to find one of them empty. You should be able to find a fully functional one in the cardio section of any gym. The exercise is a combination of hand, and leg movements that combine the motions of walking, climbing stairs and running.

Why use cross trainers for home workout routines?

Cross-trainers are perfect for full-body workouts. At the same time, they do not exert excess pressure on the joints like the treadmills usually do. These are low-impact cardio machines that are suitable for any adult suffering from joint or back problems. Additionally, they provide the user with an intense cardiovascular workout that helps in training every major muscle group in the limbs, and back.

Using Crosstrainers at home is quite easy and fun. It is an excellent form of workout for those, who don’t like to run. Unlike the exercise bikes or treadmills, this equipment enables a person to exercise his or her upper and lower body at the same time. Many of us are not regular runners, but we want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Does that mean we need to spend hundreds of dollars per month on spin classes? Or, pick up the habit of running or jogging in the mornings? Why should we have to put ourselves through so many tests when we can have elliptical cross-trainers in our homes?

Learning to exercise on the cross trainer or elliptical trainer is quite easy. Even beginners can enjoy the wholesome benefits of regular cross trainer workouts without paying hundreds for elite gym memberships. In fact, most fitness lovers are now getting elliptical trainers for their homes to keep fitness only a couple of steps away. While the lion’s share of these new models cost a bomb, smart fitness enthusiasts don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to gain access to a cross trainer at home. They can rent one at one of the many fitness rental companies that offer fitness equipment on monthly and annual leases.

How to pick the right model at the cross trainer hire service?

Picking the right cross trainer for your home can be challenging. Rental options take out the factor of cost from the equation, but you still have to ensure that the model you pick has all the features you need for your fitness journey. A given disadvantage of cross trainers is their size. They are quite bulky, and you must take some time to find one that makes the sacrifice of space in your home worth it.

  1. If you have the chance, try out different models of cross trainers at the nearest fitness joint. You can also try them at the nearest fitness store at the mall.
  2. It may take you a few trips to the local fitness stores and malls to find the one you like best.
  3. You might have several family members interested in using the cross trainer. Speak with them and let them try out the different models as well.
  4. Remember that different shapes of the cross trainers suit different body shapes. If you are going to share the equipment, find out which features will help you make multiple adjustments.
  5. Always select a model that allows you to change the intensity settings. It will help you improve and track your progress.
  6. Once you have a short list of products, contact a reliable fitness equipment rental that can home deliver the elliptical trainer for you.

Which features of cross trainers should you check out?

As we have mentioned before, cross trainers can have various shapes, sizes, and features. It is easy to feel confused while looking at a multitude of options. Before you zero in on your favorite cross trainer for hire, be sure to look for these features –


Your elliptical trainer should have different preset programmes. It allows the user to switch from one intensity or workout regime to another with the click of one button. It is especially useful for shared equipment. Most of the state-of-the-art programmable ones come with internet connectivity that helps the users store their vitals and check out online interactive programs for motivation.

Resistance and intensity

Pick a model that offers a wide range of resistance. Varying resistance determines varying intensity levels that a person should be able to pick according to his or her fitness level or expertise. It is essential for any cross trainer to be able to accommodate your fitness and experience. However, with fitness equipment for hire, it is much easier to go up one level of resistance or intensity by returning an older model and hiring a new one.


These are countless designs for every elliptical trainer brand. The only thing you should ensure while the trial is that the parts are sturdy and the machine is mostly metal. Plastic parts should be minimal since they are lightweight and fragile. The machine you pick should offer a smooth transition between different resistance levels. Always check the stride length while testing your machine. Many rental services do not provide testing options, so make it a point to visit your nearest fitness store to try one out.

Additional features

A pulse sensor or heartbeat monitor is a useful feature that any cardio equipment should possess. Its presence can help you track your improvement. Some cross trainers have pulse sensors on both the fixed and the moving handles. Sometimes, having a water bottle holder, tablet holder and LED display panels can help you work out efficiently and without distractions.

While renting a cross-trainer for home use, always go through the warranty and replacement services carefully. Most rental services have transparent replacement policies that include a replacement for damaged or faulty machinery. Almost all of them replace any machinery that you do not use or want to upgrade almost instantly. As long as you are hiring from a reputable fitness equipment rental service, you can enjoy these services without any hassle.