For fashion enthusiasts, finishing off every look with the right wrist watch is a must. For this reason, they continuously collect different types of watches to suit several occasions and outfits. For the average wristwatch lover, getting the right timepiece can be quite a challenge as there are a whole lot of types and brands to choose from. Here, we shall narrow it down to some of the best types of luxury watches in the market today to act as a guide as you aim to make choices.

The analog watch

Perhaps the most known type of luxury watches, the analog watch comes equipped with a small clock face with a 12-hour outlay and distinct hour, minute and in some cases, second hands which move mechanically to indicate a change in time. Some analog watches possess customary numbers while others consist of roman numerals. Whatever the case may be, analog watches have distinctive features that set them apart from the other types of watches on this list.

Digital watch

For this type of watches, there are no hour, minute or second hands. Instead, the time coupled with the date is displayed by electronic numbers. On the sides, changes can be made to the time and date by pushing small buttons, unlike in the case of analog watches where you have to turn a knob.

Automatic watch

The automatic watch has some similarities with the analog watch. However, a major difference is that the second-hand moves in regular automatic motion which reduces the need to have the watch wound daily. This watch has an inbuilt rotor which spins when your arm is moved thus adding an element of style to the wristwatch

Chronograph watch

This is a unique timepiece that has one major feature that sets it apart from the rest. It performs the traditional duty of keeping you up to date with the time while functioning as a stopwatch. For the latter function, you simply need to push a button by the side of the watch which either starts, resets or stops the stopwatch and is ideal for use in split events like races or sports.

Dive watch

This list would be incomplete without dive watches. It performs a duty that almost every other watch would have a tough time carrying out which is to function underwater. The average wrist watch has the water resistant feature which comes in handy for times when the watch comes in contact with water, yet cannot boast of functioning at up to 300ft or more underwater. Technology has made it possible for watches in this category to withstand deeper waters for a longer period.

Worthy mentions on the list

  • Dress watch
  • Quartz watch
  • Mechanical watch
  • Pilot watch
  • Field watch

From the above list, there is sufficient distinction among the types of luxury watches in the industry today and needed information that would help in the quest to find a suitable one.