The pandemic has been extremely exhausting for people. It has brought a lot of misery, disappointment, and grief. Quarantine and isolation have been extremely stressful for some people and has triggered anxiety and panic attacks.

In such difficult situations TV has played an important part to keep us contented and entertained. It has been a great way to pass time. If you have subscribed to one of the best Digital TV Package Deals,  then your life is sorted.

The next question is what you should watch. We have made a list of some of the best shows that you can watch. You might have already watched some of these, but if you haven’t, this is the right time to do so:


Friends is one of the popular comedy sitcoms that is bound to throw you into fits of laughter. The show revolves around six friends, who don’t have an easy life. The show highlights all the troubles of adulthood including dealing with finances, relationships, marriage, and parenthood. It shows that life is difficult, but if you have good friends who have your back, then you can go through any trouble in life.

The show gives your friendship goals and forces you to value your friendships in real life. It is one of the best shows that you can watch and we guarantee that once you do, there is no going back; you will be addicted. Each character is unique in its own way and sort of grows on you. It is hard to pick a favorite.

Game of Thrones

The series has many seasons, all with a different storyline that has kept its fans anticipating what happens next in every new season every year. It has amazing reviews from audiences. Apart from the exciting and appealing plot, it has remarkable cinematography. Some of the finest actors have played The characters and dialogue delivery is absolutely amazing. Each season has an exclusive name and story to it and each of them ends at a cliffhanger, which keeps the audience anticipating what happens in the next season. You have to be very vigilant and catch up on all episodes.

A lot of investment went in the production process of the film. The places in which the show was shot were gorgeous. One of the best cinematographers were hired to give a feeling of “being there” for the audience. The scenes turned out beautifully and the audience loved it. Character building was also one of the features that made this show a big hit.

Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99 is another show that is hilarious and can uplift your mood in no time. It is not your typical comedy sitcom; it is unique in its own way yet it manages to make you its fan. What makes this show different is that it is not only hilarious, but it is also thrilling.

The show revolves around some detectives, who work in the 99th precinct, hence the name. Every episode has a new criminal that they have to deal with. The show also highlights the personal lives of these detectives and their relationship with each other. It shows their dynamics as coworkers. Again, each character in this show is amazing. Their acting is on point and you will fall in love with each of them.

Our favorite is Jake Peralta, the lead actor. He is the best detective, he is funny, smart and one of the most caring and loyal friends one could ever have. You too will fall in love with him. Guaranteed!

Band of Brothers

“Band of Brothers” is about the well-known Easy Company that was established at the time when World War 2 had just ended, in 1942. The company was strong powerful and had a huge impact on the population. They wanted to innovate and change. They descended behind opponent territory during the initial hours of the famous D-Day to support the landings happening at the Utah beach then they became a part of the movement to liberate Carentan. They were then active again when Operation Market Garden began. They also freed from concentration camps and stepped as the very first in Hitler’s retreat in Berchtesgaden. An exciting story of friendship, and average men who did surprising things.

Band of brothers became extremely famous in a short span of time due to the plot and storyline. The cast also played a major role in making it a huge success as it had many famous celebrities of that time. The audience was delighted to see a new concept, and a strong plot that is different from typical shows that we can watch on television.

Final Thoughts

Quarantine may become an exhausting experience. However, these shows will ensure that you stay positive. In such hard times, it is important to stay positive if you have to get through them, and there is no better way to divert your mind than watching a good show.