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We can easily get our attention to something that is visually great!

This is why most websites these days are developing more and more interesting visual content and elements in order for them to attract more visitors.

The social media networks, for example, are using different perks prior to the images that will be posted or presented. This explains why Instagram is getting popular these days next to Facebook.

According to a recent study – Instagram now has 800 million monthly active users, and 500 million daily active users [Source: brandwatch], and this figure is projected to surpass a lot more in 2019

Images showing Instagram statistics on the number of monthly active Instagram users as of June 2018.

Google, on the other hand, will always be king thanks to its sophisticated algorithm. It is quite challenging for every SEO export to identify what’s hot and what’s not based on the algorithm Google does.

Quite frankly, not all strategies are effective and most of them are just wild guesses. But, one thing is for sure, a website can attract more customers if it has SEO visuals boosting your Page Authority.

Graphics Improve Your Content

It is often said that without a strategy, execution is aimless! This is why a graphic designer, online marketing strategist, and expert in digital marketing can infuse their strategies with images and graphic designs.

In the digital world, just follow what is allowed by Google. You can imply the strategy you want and take advantage of using creative visuals. Websites that bring users what they are looking for will always outrank their competitors.

This means that some less popular websites with the use of effective visuals and marketing strategies can also gain a lot of revenue.

Visual Content has Great Significance in Social Media

Social media plays a significant role in today’s digital marketing. Experts in digital marketing know that the performance of the business on social media can make an impact on the SERP and Authority.

In fact, the more popular your brand is on social media, the more you can get higher ranks. If you are popular through social media updates, then you can land easily to the top SERP.

If your social media marketing has integrated a great number of visuals, you have more chances to get social engagement.

In fact, statistic claims that in Twitter – tweets with visuals are shared and retweeted 145 times more compared with tweets without images. Moreover, the best days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

More CTR in the Weekends than on Weekdays

Moreover, on Facebook, posts with images are shareable and gained more likes and comments for about 230% and even more. This clearly points to the fact that visual content can boost engagement in the online community.

As you generate visuals that encourage people to share, like, or comment, this proves that you are dominating the network, and increasing page visitors will drive traffic back to your main page.

Yet, of course, all of these are authentically true when you have great and unique content with high quality.

Take Note: It is highly recommended to support your images with relevant textual content and keyword as social media content is more likely to be shared compared to plaintexts.

In fact, Google also prioritizes websites that include images rather than pure texts. Moreover, you will likely be out of ranked if you only use 1 image in very long content.

Incorporate the visuals with elements that support the information needed prior to the visitors. As mentioned, the images or the visuals you need to generate must be eye-catchy.

Never use Google search and copy-paste someone’s images. This can affect your ranking and at the same time shake your reputation. Use free stock images instead of from online sites like Pexels, Unsplash, and many more.

To sum up, here are some of the things which you need to keep in mind when using visual content in social media for business purposes:

  • Rely exclusively on unique visual content which targets directly to your users.
  • Be trustworthy
  • Share according to the social networks meaning every social platform must have its own unique strategy.
  • Post what the users will find interesting and innovative.
  • Make sure you know your target audience to avoid posting inappropriate content
  • Take care about the time schedules – Share the pick time of the user’s availability.
  • Mix the social networks and the types of visual content.
  • Be generic and not always promotional.

Using Video in Your Visual Strategy

It is quite obvious why YouTube became the number 2 most used search engine in the world today. People tend to watch not just to entertain themselves but rather to gain a lot of information.

Furthermore, according to some reliable resources, more than 70% of internet users are using YouTube videos to get the information they need.

As of today, video visual content is 53 times more likely to rank on the first page in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Therefore, if you really want to beat your competition, videos that are trending in your niche can be the game-changer.

People tend to use the internet for communication, entertainment, and information. But, visitors can easily get bored and will leave in about 10 up to 20 seconds or even faster. This can affect your bounce rate from hero to zero.

Sweating over your online marketing campaign can be really a daunting task, but with these kinds of visitors, it is not a happy ending after all. While the simplest way is to add a quick video explainer that can be engaging to the customers.

Use These Points for Your Video Strategy

  • Use an attention-grabbing thumbnail in your video.
  • Understand what kind of videos your target audience is watching.
  • Deliver value to your audience – Use subtitles.
  • Follow a product or service pitch in your videos to promote your business.
  • Use call to action.

Take note: Having a lot of elements can affect the loading time, which triggers the customers to look for another site. Explainer videos can be effective, but you need to create the simplest one as much as possible that can help the customers of understanding what you offer.

This can reduce the bounce rate from 35 up to 65 percent. Improving the overall visitor’s engagement that leads to more than 20% of sign-ups.

On your part, you need to be cautious whenever you include a video since videos can slow you down. This can do more harm than good to make sure that you use embedded thumbnails so the videos will not play unless your visitors want to check them out.

Screenshots as Visuals (In your Blogs)

Screenshots are an impressive and time-saving way to highlight something that you want to draw attention to your audience that might not be noticed easily.

In the digital world, screenshots clarify a lot about the topics, step-by-step process, tools, and statistics to your audience so that it is easier for your audience to follow along. If you want people to get a better understanding, annotating screenshots can add yet another layer of clarity and precision to your blogs.

The use of screenshots is mainly when you have some instructional content, and you want to show live captures of information that you want to share. Besides in SEO or blogs, when you are dealing with customers, screenshots are way better to show off your positive reviews and results from other customers. This will quite easily attract more attention and establish reliability in your brand, product, or service. There was research done by Dimensional Research investigating the impact of customer service on customer lifetime value, 90% of respondents were influenced by positive reviews when making a buying decision.

Gray Matter

As mentioned, since the human brain is wired to absorb visuals, half of the human’s gray matter is dictated through visual processing. Using some vivid imagery can be a really effective communicator. It is no wonder why memes rock in social media since it tells a story delivering messages.

  • Social media posts can gather more than 180 percent engagement compared to articles.
  • Articles that include images can engage about 94 percent of viewers or online live users.
  • Blogs that are featuring images and some videos can attract more than 300 percent or even more without any bounce rates.
  • Visuals are 52 times better at generating the first page Google ranking compared to other content.

Take Note: Yet, of course, creating a successful story will not happen overnight. It requires true art in it like the smart use of elements, effective graphic messages, and keen knowledge when it comes to photo editing tools. The good news is, you no longer need to take a crash course in order for you to improve your editing skills.

Tools like Canva can provide you with effective graphics to enhance your creative skills and at the same time, can aid storytellers in translating their idea through the use of images.

Here, you can create presentations, captivating images, and infographics. As long as you know how your mouse work, it allows you to release the creativity in you.

Visuals Boost Shares

Visuals can pro-actively boost your Page Authority and Trust effortlessly when creating links or images which are shareable through social media networks. In addition, social media networks revolutionized digital marketing and how businesses communicate with their audiences. One of the best and effective ways to do so is by sharing visual stories.

Take Note: Google’s algorithm is now so advanced that it can identify images and visuals using Google Image search. Moreover, experts believe that social media networks are part of this.

Besides, what better way to gauge the page’s relativity than taking a vote? Though Google denies social signals are not part of their formula, it is obvious that there are some pieces of evidence that strongly support shared posts increase the page.

Infographics Help Online Marketing

Infographics are commonly used by digital marketers. This allows them to present their products, services, and the know-how of their system. Not just because infographics can be very appealing, but at the same time, it can be used for backlinks that can boost rankings.

Generally, infographics can be used effectively through articles as guest posts to high-quality websites. In addition, it can be used to generate high domain authority which is God’s gift when it comes to SEO.

In fact, when you create infographics with meaningful information, like blogs or references, this will eventually lead you to get more traffic. Thanks to the backlink process.

Take Note: Eye-tracking tools also show that internet users pay close attention through infographics, unlike the usual blogs. No text infographics, however, can result in penalization of your website as Google’s policy and guideline.

That entire presentation of infographics must be nothing more than helpful information with smart use of elements. It is also important to consider not to use the same or repeat information which can become irrelative or boring to the audience. Make sure to include relevant keywords in order to boost up your organic search rankings and maximize Optimization.

These are the things that you gain from creating great visual content:

You generate more leads

Can use visuals in your online marketing strategy to get ranks

Shorten your sales cycles

You will become recognized in your industry even you are a new business

A better strategy than competitors can be an advantage for you over them.


Now you know how visual content taps into the sight of your audience and also encourages them to discover more about your product, brand, or services.

It is clear that if you generate high-quality visual content which connects with your audience and promotes it on a regular basis on social platforms, the popularity and awareness of your brand will surely get some surprising boost.

In your SEO strategies, always stay unique and true in what you are sharing with your target audience.