The lady in red with a glowing skin that dazzles like no other could just be the miracle of a glass of red. Red wine apart from being a delicious drink to enjoy at all occasions also carries along with it a long list of benefits. While the French Paradox tags along with it, there are various other benefits that one can achieve from regularly drinking wine. Red wine has said to be very beneficial in boosting various health factors and help in better heart health, reduce stress as well as normalize blood sugar levels. Mostly red wine is especially popular among women because it is said to have ample benefits for your skin from adding a glow to making it gorgeous and flawless. So, what is the secret behind this amazing drink? Well, this article will take you to the tour of the benefits of red wine for beautiful skin.

The magic red portion

Dark colored, whole grapes which are black varieties are crushed and fermented to be made into red wine. The tone of the color of red wine may vary anywhere between violet to brick red or brown depending upon the age of the wine. The alcohol percentage of most red wines vary between 12- 15%. The most common types of red wines include Merlot, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and Shiraz. The flavonoids combined with resveratrol could be of great health benefits which makes this a superfood.

What makes Red Wine special?

Red wine contains a compound called Resveratrol which is said to be generally produced by plants. This compound is used by plants to fight against bacteria and fungi and also create protection against UV radiation. Cranberries, blueberries, peanuts, etc. are rich sources of Resveratrol and this is also present in red grapes. This is the compound that can be related to boosting heart health, eliminating acne, and also protecting you against cancer. This compound is mostly found in the seeds and skin of the grapes which is why white wine contains a considerable low amount of the same compared to red.

Red wine is also linked to causing higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in the red blood cells and plasma. Also, the presence of Aromatase inhibitors in red wine is said to be the major reason why consumption of red wine is related to the low risk of breast cancer development. Flavonoids are compounds which are responsible for the glossy red color of wine and are responsible for reducing heart diseases, and they also help fight free radical damage.

How can it influence your skin?

A glass of wine is certainly recommended for women to consume in a day while it can be up to 2 for men. This is because when moderately consumed wine can work miracles for your skin and hair and overall health.

Following are the seven amazing ways in which red wine can make your skin better:

1. By being the best anti-acne ingredient possible: Acne is a pure nightmare for all of us. The changing lifestyle and food habits have caused so many of us to fall victim to this skin ailment that somehow manages to pop up almost every time before a big day. The internet can guide you on hundreds of ingredients from your kitchen and bathrooms including toothpaste that might seem like a problem solver. But red wine truly is the one. The presence of keratinocyte proliferation can cause acne lesions and red wine combined with benzoyl peroxide creams for the skin can help fight acne effectively.

Red wine contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids and also has amazing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It can work in removing the congested pores and clear them thus eliminating breakouts from the roots. It will stop the growth of acne-causing bacteria thus clearing your skin. It is also rich in amino acids that help in repair and renewal of the skin. Red wine is also amazing for removing acne scars efficiently.

How to use: Dab a cotton ball which is dipped in red wine over your skin and let it sit for a while. Wash and pat dry and apply a mild moisturizer preferably water based. Repeat the same until you start seeing visible results. You can also add the same to your anti-acne face packs for good results.

2. By protecting your skin against the harsh sunlight: Unlike the common myth sun damage to skin occurs throughout the year and hence protecting with creams or sunscreen just around summer isn’t going to do much. Including red wine as a part of your skin regime can help protect it against the harsh sunlight and keep it away from damage caused due to the same. The antioxidants and amino acids present in the wine can effectively form a protective layer on the skin which will act as a barrier for the UV rays to reach and damage your skin cells. While this can work effectively a sunscreen additionally is important as this isn’t a substitute for it.

Red wine is quite an effective solution for a suntan. The flavonoids in red wine will stop the skin from forming reactive oxygen that will, in turn, interact with UV rays thus preventing sun damage and sunburn. It can also be used as a treatment for sunburns. Treating sunburns with the help of red wine will make sure it has a soothing effect on the affected area.

How to use: The amino acids will help remove the toughest of tan from your skin, especially when combined with milk powder. A thick layer of this mixture if rested on the skin for a while and then washed off can eliminate the tan well.

3. By helping you bid adieu to age signs: You are only as old as your heart says. So why let your skin speak otherwise. Red wine will help you fight the effects of time on your skin by fighting against early aging signs such as spots and wrinkles. Thin lines and wrinkles are common problems that arise from the formation of free radicals. Red wine can effectively stand against the formation of the same. Apart from these, it has a therapeutic effect on the skin where it helps to de-stress and remove dullness and add a natural glow. It can puff up your skin and rejuvenate it with a young and gorgeous glow. The tired signs on your face will dissolve away with regular use of red wine.

The best thing is the almond champagne is made from red and white grapes, which both contain high levels of resveratrol. It works as an antioxidant that prevents damage to blood vessels.

How to use: Follow a regular cleansing session followed by steaming to open up the pores. Now substitute your usual facial with a red wine facial with a mixture of herbs and fruits such as strawberries. You can go for red wine facials once every month or in case the wrinkles and age marks are visible you can go for a session every 15 days for better results. Include a glass of red wine in your diet every day for more efficient results.

4. By acting as an excellent exfoliant and toner: The wrath of dead skin cells on our body is mostly the reason behind the dull and lifeless skin. Exfoliation is the best way to remove these dead skin cells and bring a fresh touch and glow the skin. Various store exfoliants and home ingredients that can be used as scrubs are available to us. The important ingredient to add to them is little red wine, and your process is going to give more efficient and gorgeous results than before. Scrubs that contain red wine tend to increase the blood circulation in the area that adds a natural charm to the skin and helps it heal better.

Similarly, red wine is also an amazing toner for your skin. Uneven skin tone with dark patches and spots could be the reason behind your skin looking worn out and lifeless. Red wine can help shed off the excess oil, dirt and other pollutants that settle on the skin from exposure to the outside environment and make skin supple and brighter. It helps in bringing your skin pH to its natural range and also mildly moisturizes your skin.

How to use: Add red wine to your regular scrub or dab a little on your skin before going to bed.

5. By lightening your skin tone: Uneven skin tone along with dead cells causes us to lose the natural complexion of our skin. Various other factors including exposure to dirt, dust, and pollution also play a huge role in causing our skin to look dark and damaged. Red wine is loaded with antioxidants that can add a fresh and soft glow to your skin and lighten complexion. It will also help in getting an even skin tone.

Skin aging and loss of elasticity can be compensated by the use of red wine which prevents cell oxidation. The antioxidants present is also powerful against oxidative stress that our skin cells are often exposed to. By healing and protecting the skin against common causes of skin damage, it helps maintain a healthy skin which is considerably lighter in tone. The natural glow of your skin also gets restored in the process. Bael plant is supposed to have many medicinal properties.

They are best used for skin.

How to use: Mix a few spoons of red wine with one egg and add some honey to it especially if you have dry skin. Now apply this mixture to your skin and let it dry for about 20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water, and you will instantly recognize a mild glow in your skin.

6. By preventing skin sagging: Skin tends to lose elasticity over time which causes it to sag. Lack of vitamins is also said to be a cause of sagging skin which is a sign of aging. Red wine is an effective solution to prevent and control the same.

How to use: Regular application of red wine to the skin will help the various compounds such as flavonoids, resveratrol, and tannins work its way to enhancing skin elasticity.

7. Be a savior for oily skin: Red wine can also aid in reducing the pore size to stop excess oil from clogging your skin and causing it to breakout. Red wine is a blessing for those suffering from oily skin and can be of great help especially after a long day with heavy makeup. After removing your makeup, it is usually visible that your skin feels heavy and tired and a little dab with red wine can get it to feel fresh and breathing. DO this following a skin cleanser for best results.

How to use: Mix a spoon of red wine with oatmeal and massage your skin in circular motion. This will simultaneously exfoliate your skin while removing excess oil and adding glow and radiance.

The types of wine you can use:

There are different varieties of wine that are available to choose from. Each of these has varying levels of alcohol and fruit content apart from tint from other flavors such as vanilla. Some of the varieties you can look out for are Barrique Reserve Shiraz, Jacob’s Creek, Reveilo – Syrah Reserve, Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon and Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz. Certain varieties are better for you skin compared to the rest. For example Tannat, Sagrantino and Petite Sirah have high levels of tannins whereas Cabernet Sauvignon contains more condensed tannins in comparison to Pinot Noir. Dry wines are better choices than sweet, and similarly, lower alcohol contents are better for your skin. Look for wines that have higher tannin content for better skin health like in case of younger wines.

Best ways to consume wine for your skin:

While wine has amazing health benefits, the alcohol content is an important point to keep in mind. Hence make sure you do not consume more than a glass or two if you regularly drink to enjoy the benefits rather than fall prey to the harms of over consuming. Apart from drinking red wine, you can apply it directly to your skin. Wine ice cubes are the most efficient way so far to apply it to your skin. Fill your ice tray with wine and use them to rub it on your skin. This will give the combined effect of an ice cube and red wine to your skin at once. You can also look for cosmetic and skin products that contain Resveratrol as an ingredient or red wine in it. Always prefer products from organic varieties to enjoy the benefits. For people who have sensitive skin, it is recommended to use a buffer along with red wine as the acidity might be a little harsh when applied directly. Use it with a combination of yogurt for great results in this case

Red wine is acidic and hence, proper application to your skin can turn out giving more benefits than you could know. It will light up your skin and drive in some fresh color to it. When consumed in moderation and used well red wine could be a great way to attaining fabulous skin. So, use it wisely and reap the glow from it.

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