Everyone has a few bad habits. Minor things, like biting your nails, are not going to affect your health or happiness. It’s when you do things that can harm your body and affect the lives of others around you that you need to take a good look at yourself and put an end to these bad habits. Turning your life around and living a healthy lifestyle will make you feel good.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

There are many reasons people turn to drugs or alcohol. It may start out as a recreational activity that you do with friends during your teen years or in college. However, after just a short period of time, what was once a fun night out can turn into a serious addiction and something you can’t function or live without. Having an addiction doesn’t just affect you; it affects every member of your family, your friends, and co-workers. Most people can detect when something is a little off about a person. This can put you at risk of losing your job, your relationship and even your children. Today, many people are also addicted to prescription drugs as a direct result of sustaining an injury. Luckily, today the level of awareness makes it easier than ever to openly state that you have an addiction and get the help you need such as prescription drug rehab without the fear of losing everything.


It’s fair to say that over the last century, on the average people weigh more. And, while a couple of pounds isn’t anything to get alarmed about packing on 30, 40 or even 100 pounds over just a few years can really start to take a toll on your body and your mental state. Many people use food as a crutch to avoid dealing with the different problems they encounter in life. They lose a boyfriend or get a divorce, and they overeat to ease the pain. Others stress over tests in high school or college and overindulge in their favorite treats like chocolates and chips. In the beginning, you may need to go to counseling to help you address the underlying issues and learn how to stop using food as a scapegoat. After you implement healthy changes, you’ll see the pounds melt off and see yourself as you should be, maybe for the first time in many years.


Probably one of the hardest habits to break is smoking. The warning labels and commercials bring awareness, but they really don’t convince people who smoke that it’s best to quit. The good news is that people are successful when they are truly ready to quit and have the love and the support of their family and close friends behind them. Today, there are several forms of aids to help smokers lose the craving for nicotine. There are the patch, gum, nasal sprays and even inhalers. If you want to try to quit on your own without using anything, it’s important to change your daily routine and eliminate doing things that trigger the urge to light up.

The good news is that with the desire to change your ways, you can put an end to bad habits and improve your quality of life.