There has been a certain moment in our lives where we idolize a person and try to incorporate his action in our lives. We can learn a lot from the experience of other people which give us the courage to act accordingly in difficult conditions and gain confidence. Different people have different idols. Some follow leading businessmen while some other follow movie stars.

If you really need to learn something from someone, you should learn from his life experience rather than his occupation. Whether you have an interest in politics or not, you can learn a lot of things from Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Surprised, aren’t you? What can you possibly learn from a young politician like Rahul Gandhi? Let’s take a look in his life to answer this question:

  1. Don’t let difficult times stop you: Congress President Rahul Gandhi life may appear trouble-free, but in reality, he had faced a hard time in his primary years. He has to leave his school due to the assassination of his grandmother Indira Gandhi. At the time of this grave insecurity on Gandhi family, he continued his education at home only. Similarly, his father was assassinated when he was in college. Any ordinary kid would have broken down due to these acts of violence against his family, but he stood strong and completed his higher education.
  2. Work Hard for your goal: Born in the most powerful political family of the nation, Rahul Gandhi can make his way into Indian politics easily. Yet he started his career as a consultant in a London based firm to set an image of his own. He also served as a director in an outsourcing firm started by him in Mumbai before joining politics.
  3. Don’t let others define your destiny: In 2004 elections when Congress President Rahul Gandhi made his debut in politics, even his own party members show no faith in his administration capabilities. His massive victory in 2004 Amethi election put an end to all the rumors about his leadership qualities.
  4. Don’t stop believing in yourself: Almost all political parties and politicians show no interest in encouraging the youth in politics. Congress President Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand, think quite the opposite. He worked hard to incorporate young Indians on political architecture of the nation and this resulted in the tremendous increase of members of the youth division of Congress and Rahul’s single-handed victory in 2009 UP elections.
  5. Never let ego define you: Even though Congress President Rahul Gandhi holds a prominent position in his party, he remained strongly attached to his ground values. He can be seen spending days with farmers and lower section of society to listen to their problems and act accordingly for their welfare which any other politician of our nation failed to do.
  6. Don’t let failure stop you: The failure of Congress party in 2014 election does not stop Rahul Gandhi from performing his duties for the pricing of the nation. He has been working hard from last 4 years to regain the image of his party in India.
  7. People will mock, stay dedicated to your work: Congress President Rahul Gandhi has faced a lot of criticism by opposition party yet he decided to continue his work instead of replying to the stupid comments made against him.

These are certain things you can learn from Rahul Gandhi, who is being mocked since his inception in Indian politics and yet managed to emerge as a strong leader of the nation.