The last decade has been a very happening era in the progress and development of the state of Gujarat, India and this has brought much exposure to the people of the state in terms of better facilities and better standards of living as well.  It would only be so that meetings and events in Ahmedabad get organized to help more of the people in the state to know how to still move forward in getting a better education as well as better services on offer to the consumers.

Listed out below are five of the most relevant events taking place in Ahmedabad in the year 2018, which would help make the participants understand the real potential of the people of the state and to better prepare themselves for the days and years ahead.

  1. Swayamvar Ahmedabad  

With over 100 participating members in the event to be held between the 21st and 23rd of December 2018, this would be the ideal spot to meet up with the trendiest wedding jewelers in the country.  If anything, the increasing spending power in the hands of the public and coupled with the need to have something different to the ordinary would make this event a grand success.

One of the most attractive parts to the event is the easy reach of the center where it is being hosted, the YMCA International Center, Ahmedabad. There is going to be more than the fair share of jewelry items ranging from the silver pieces to the more expensive platinum types too. If it is just a gifting idea that is what attracts the visitor, then also there are more than enough to make a well-educated pick.

  1. Premier Schools Exhibition

This event is hosted at the Pride Plaza Hotel, Ahmedabad would be just the place to visit if you or someone in the family is planning to send their children to school.  At hand would be representatives from some of the top public schools in the country. In case the parents are interested in knowing more of the scholarship programs that are available to the potential student, then this would be a one-stop venue to know what is on offer.

It is not just the sheer number of participants that should make people pick out the event to create an attendance, but the range of options that people did not know existed in the country. A school is not just the learning experience alone but a holistic development of the children. What better a chance to make comparisons and take the most appropriate decision?


Increasingly Ahmedabad is turning out to be just the right spot for the professional conventions. At NAPCON, the aim is to bring all participants in the medical field to come together on a common platform and to engage with each other.  At hand are a collection of representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, the medical teaching fraternity and practically all sectors of the medical practice.

There is the possibility of having papers being presented, and this would give not just an excellent exposure to the participants, but get to create links which could further their careers. There would not be a comparable gathering of so much of the medical and related professions all in one single location anytime soon. So it would be a grave mistake to give this opportunity go by as the potential loss to the person is much higher than the cost of attending the very event.

  1. Travels, Tourism And Hotels Exhibition

TTH Expo has been organized annually for the past four years in the state of Gujarat to link better the people who offer hospitality and tourism options to the consumers of the services, the tourists. The Gujaratis have been traveling a lot the past decade or two, and this trend is going to be still more pronounced as the years go by. Thus an attempt is made to organize the industry better and getting the right kind of expos is just the start to a long drawn out process which should, in the end, bring better value to the participants at all levels.

The TTH Expo aims at getting all the stakeholders on a single venue and platform.  From the first year onwards a factor that has been brought out is that there has been multiple jumps with each passing year, the number of people who get to engage with each other at the meetings. This is still going to gather faster pace of growth and help better integrate the services on offer, with the kind of people looking to spend their money and leisure better.

  1. Asia Pacific ACR Conference

At the fast pace that India as a whole is growing and in particular the pace of development in the state of Gujarat has meant that more people are interested in knowing these places better. The Asia Pacific ACR conference is aimed at creating a forum for those involved in government and world bodies to interact with each other. Common discussions not only produce the variance of thoughts but it does promote alternative thinking. When things have to be considered on a radial basis or to be taken up as an out of the box event, then these venues should be the right start to such processes.

On particular focus at the conference being hosted at the IIM, Ahmedabad is the issue of data and its handling.  With the rapid changes being noticed in the manner data can be stored and handled, it becomes necessary to understand the broader issues that affect the security of data and its transmission too. The future dependence of good governance on quality data ensures that data management is not something that should be taken lightly. Thus the Asia Pacific ASC Conference should be a must-attend for those in various administrative positions and who are actively handling big data.

Events in Ahmedabad are just a good chance to get to know the people of Gujarat a bit better and should not be given the go by. They would help the stakeholders understand the market better as well as better target the consumer.