Today, a quarter of the internet runs on WordPress.  The popularity is mainly because the popular open source platform of WordPress has made it so easy for anyone to create highly functional and brilliantly designed websites that you no more have to depend on any expert web developer for doing the job. By choosing the suitable WordPress themes, you can now create sites in a moment that meets your specific needs.  Website creation has become smarter than ever before, thanks to the immense capabilities of WordPress that has turned out to be the most preferred CMS of our times.

Although it does not require much of expertise to work with WordPress, you have to acquire some basic knowledge about its working modalities that would make you feel comfortable.  When you have an idea about the framework of the platform and understand how it works, you stay confident that the system will never let you down. You should know how vital the WordPress database is because if you do not take proper care of it, you will never be able to derive the benefits from the platform.  The database is the heart of WordPress where all information related to posts, pages, and comments to tags, categories, users, custom fields, site URLs, etc. is stored for catering to users. Therefore, you should protect the database in the best possible manner for the smooth functioning of the CMS. If you want to change the WordPress theme, you can do it from the database.

The attraction of WordPress themes

WordPress themes have made website creation easy because you do not require any knowledge of codes for using it. If you want to create a website that can uphold your directory or database website with versatility and power that would cost you only a small sum, then you have to use WordPress.  The themes are mostly very flexible in design, and you have the support of plenty of resources that exist in the pool of open source. In this article, you will find a list of WordPress themes for databases, listing and directory websites that would come handy when you are searching for the most befitting website theme for your business.

Business Finder+

This multilingual directory listing website theme is a sequel to the earlier Business Finder Theme.  You will find a lot of custom-made elements and features that every directory listings website would find very useful. The highly customizable theme Business Finder+ allows users to style the theme in the way they like. The responsive design and customized features, some of which are included already and others can be added to plugins, increases the attraction of the theme. You can make provision for including Item Reviews by end users that adds more value to websites.


The simple design of this responsive theme is its most significant attraction. Although the theme finds closer resemblance for business use, with the help of suitable plugins you can take advantage of its flexibility and use it in the way you want.  You can use the design features to uphold your brand by playing on the flexibility and versatility of the theme. The responsive nature of the theme allows it to provide the most beautiful graphical experience regardless of the device used for displaying it. Using the flexibility of the theme, you can create the most desired look for the website.


Like other WordPress themes, Atlas too is unique in its way, except for the common thread of responsive design that binds the WordPress themes together. You need not worry about the device used for displaying the website because it looks beautiful in the same way on all kinds of devices. A special feature of the theme is that it contains a membership system built into it.  Members can add to the database, and this applies to any online directory available. The design is highly flexible in all aspects of color schemes, fonts, layouts, etc.


Explorable is a location-based theme that is just too wonderful for database or directory.  The theme is incredibly flexible, responsive to design and above all, it’s free. You can create location-based listings by using the tool provided, and the scope of customization is almost endless that ensures that you would surely find the right combination that matches with your vision of website design. By integrating Google Maps into the theme, you can assign a physical location to each listing that gives more options for exploring your website by using a digital landscape.


Javo is a premium and responsive WordPress theme that brings with it some great qualities. All the elements of modern design are open to customization including the rating system and the listing page that could boost your creativity. Whether you want a clean and simple layout or a highly innovated website with advanced features and options, Javo will never let you down. The default theme has several popular features and is completely customizable.


Grido is a premium WordPress theme, responsive to design, actually created for portfolios and business but its highly flexible nature makes it much more than that. The user-friendly theme has a clean design that is also creative. If you have high-quality photos in the database, then Grido that is equipped for lightbox is an excellent choice. The Tumblr like theme supports microblogging as an option and it is stylish and trendy.  You can style the post individually by using the themes that come with nine gradient backgrounds. Variation of color schemes help to capture the mood of the posts, and it is possible to make the blog look like a wall of sticky notes by selecting different colors.

WordPress themes provide you with enough capabilities for building trust with the audience that could also impress your clients. Choose themes that are flexible and works smoothly with other plugins.  Even if you do not find themes exclusively suitable for databases and directories, you can convert whatever is available by using custom code and plugins.

About the author:

Sujain Thomas is a marketing and web development expert who has spent more than two decades in the industry.  Having used WordPress for more than ten years, She knows a thing or two about it and shares the knowledge with others. A movie buff, she is fond of thrillers