While most of us are running to buy the latest gadget, even when the “old” one we have is not yet malfunctioning, is proof of how commercialized and daft the world has become. However, in all this sea of consumer stupidity sits some islands of sanity.

Place: Yorkshire, UK

Appliance: 59-year-old Home gas cooker (New World model 42, 1959)

Owner: 76-year-old Val Marks.

The cooker, originally owned by Val’s mum, has worked for the family home for 59 years and is still shiny, and strong Which goes to show how good New World makes their appliances. This cooker is used to make home meals, over 20,000 of them in this case.

What is special is that they never upgraded the appliance since it works well. With all the newfangled electronic self-cleaning cookers out there, it’s refreshing to see an original gas cooker still in use. Another interesting fact is that many top chefs prefer to use original cooking sources to get authentic tastes, and they pay a fortune to have one specially built for them.

New World stated that Val’s cooker is perhaps the oldest known appliance of theirs still in use, and it only cost Val’s mum £38 to buy it.

Over the 59 years of existence, the only part that was replaced is the thermostat. Other than that, the four gas rings and the over with top grill still work as well as they did on the day it was bought and installed.
This amazing woman and her amazing appliance prove that you do not need to replace something just because a newer version has come out.