As the first quarter of the year has just ended, there’s a lot of buzz around the latest fashion trends and what’s going to be the hot choice in women fashion in 2018. A lot of fashion trends have emerged, and a few are making a comeback, so one really has to stay on top in order to maintain their trendy image. According to some of the most credible sources in the world of women fashion, the below mentioned are going to be the popular fashion trends this year.

Just get rid of your super-mom vibe and don’t give an impression that all you’re concerned about in fashion is your Kids Haircuts, rather try something for yourself. So, whether you want to make some bold choices this year with regards to your fashion or just plan to maintain your wardrobe with some good new stuff, check out the fashion trends that are going to rule 2018.

  1. The Workout Fashion

The athletic sense is ready to prevail once again, and we’re going to get the workout gear of the 80s and 90s back in fashion again. Even the most popular of celebrities have lately been spotted in the retro workout costumes, and even the biggest fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Tod’s and Gucci are now combining fashion and gym gear. So, in 2018, just go for the pieces that you once used for your workout days and bring them into your wardrobe as a routine outfit.

  1. Tailoring

Tailoring is going to be the biggest fashion trend now, and whether you go with your favorite pant suit or just want to combine a blazer with your vintage denim and that white tee that you’ve always loved, you’re good to go with it. The suiting will become more cool and modern this year instead of being corporate the old-fashioned way. You can go with checks and tweeds in the double breasted shapes having strong shoulders. You just have to make sure you choose the right mix of prints and colors as there are going to be a lot of them around.

  1. Art-Infused

Art is always a popular choice to be included in the fashion trends, and 2018 won’t be any different. You will have lots of colorful choices and printed arts to, literally, shake up your wardrobe. Be it the cartoon work or the Warhol-inspired bold pieces at the major brands like Versace, the options can be endless, and your art-infused dresses can take just about any shape and form. This year we’re certainly ready to see some amazing pieces that will combine art with latest fashion trends.

  1. Trench Coats

After all the reworking that Trench coats have been through, they’ll be getting a fresh upgrade this year and, obviously, they will get even better than before. There will be new cuts, ruffles and feathers and everything else you can expect them to have for an all-new and modern vibe. They’ll be a popular trend this year for sure.

  1. White Accessories

Well, white can always give an instant boost to your looks on any given day, and white accessories are going to be your go to choice this season. You may not consider white boots or shoes as most practical of choices to make as far as your fashion is concerned, it can lift your wardrobe for sure in 2018 when everyone else is making the same choices as well. You can wear white in whatever way you like, and you just need to know the little tricks to make it look standout.

  1. The Craze For Plaid

During the last season, we saw checkered blazers taking over the Instagram feeds as well as street style fashion, but the trend is going to see new heights this year. Be it the colorful coats or blazers inspired by menswear, you can expect everything to be in fashion and can use it to flaunt your own personal style. There will be lots of plaid accessories in fashion as well, and you will have endless options to bring it into your wardrobe.

  1. Power Pastels

This season, you should go with different shades of periwinkle, baby yellow, and lilac as these are the colors that will be leading the pallet this season in women fashion. These are the hues that work perfectly on crisp shapes and clean lines and create an unusual mood. As far as user appeal is concerned, it’s probably going to be the most versatile fashion trend this year. Just make sure that you invest in some focal piece such as a slip dress or a blouse which you can add to the daily rotation.

  1. Fannypack Is Also Back

Quite a forgotten fashion trend for some time, fannypack is now ready to make a solid comeback. In fact, it’s going to be cooler than ever this time around. Some big stars like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Bealla Hadid and A$AP Rocky were spotted flaunting this fashion trend last year, and it’s going to make some headlines this year as well.

  1. The Fringe

Fringe is also ready to make a comeback this year, and it will be more over-the-top than it has been ever before. Major names in the fashion industry like Calvin Klein, Leowe and Dior are focusing on it, and there are many others who can be expected to do the same this season. The trend has already started surfacing on skirts, bags and those playfully trimmed tops giving you more of a subtle option to embrace this wonderful look.

  1. 60s Florals

Yes, 60s florals will be back in trend this year, and they will certainly make a bold statement. The new styles will be inspired by the floral designs of the 60s and will actually have a fresh feel. Just check out what’s in stores and make your pick for making a unique style statement.

So, that’s probably enough to get you up and running with the latest trends in women fashion this year. If you have been caught up in everything that’s going on in the fashion world, just cut the crap and get yourself started with these top fashion trends that are going to rock the world of women fashion this year.

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