At the very edge of the British domain, north of Scotland and part of the Orkney Islands.

Stronsay is actually so remote that it takes 95 minutes by ferry to reach Kirkwall, the Orkney Islands Capital town, and a 70-minute flight from Kirkwall to Edinburgh. It boasts a population of 349 souls, and it has no visible industry or commerce apart from weak tourism, fishing and arts, and crafts. The island is bleak, no trees, but plenty of grass, sandy beaches, and birds.

Stronsay Island is looking for citizens, it is actively seeking to grow its population, but not everyone would fit in, and not everyone could survive living in a bleak, small community far to the north. They are also seeking to double their tourism, from 600 visitors a year to over 1,000. Most of their visitors are bird watchers. The island is only 32.75 square kilometers and has a school, church and Catholic chapel. Since the island is so flat, cyclists can ride around the island unhindered by steep dips and climbs.

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