long-coated white puppy litter

As a dog owner, you will obviously be very concerned about keeping your pet healthy and happy. When you are keeping a pet for the first time, proper pet care can be pretty confusing. Some valuable tips from a kennel owner:

High-Quality Veterinary Care

Finding an expert vet can be crucial to your pet dog’s wellbeing as you will need your dog to undergo regular checkups, treatment, and vaccination right from the first day. It is very important for you to identify a vet with whom you and your pet can get along well and trust. You should ideally schedule two visits in a year to the vet. Puppies, as well as older dogs, may require more frequent visits. In addition to finding a good vet for your dog, you will want to get pet insurance. Pet insurance will make vet visits a lot less daunting in the event of an accident.

Optimum Nutrition

The food you give to your pet has a direct effect on its well-being; critical aspects include weight, ability to digest food, quality of its skin and coat, and its level of energy. If you intend to give it homemade food, you should know the right way of preparing it or you may, instead, opt for a reputed packaged dog food brand. Never change the diet drastically or suddenly because that might trigger tummy upsets or vomiting; introduce changes gradually as suggested by your vet.

Routine Exercise

It is quite common for owners to underestimate their pet’s need for exercise and the close link that it has with their health and wellbeing. Not getting adequate exercise may lead to the energy surplus manifesting itself in destructive behavior causing damage to your belongings. Typically, dogs require around one to two hours of vigorous exercise though it is a function of the breed, age, and size of the dog.

Dental Care

Novice pet owners are inclined not to carry out any dental care till a problem like bad breath manifests. The build-up of plaque and tartar can cause serious health issues so it is best to start on a preventive dental care routine early on. Brushing your pet’s teeth, giving oral rinses or dental dog treats as suggested by your vet should be initiated as soon as possible. A professional cleaning may also be required periodically.

Regular Grooming

Grooming is how you can keep your dog neat, clean, and healthy and not necessarily a routine that you should only follow for dog show participation. While every dog needs to be regularly groomed, the extent, technique, and requirement vary from one breed to another. Depending on the environment and level of outdoor activity, you will need to give your pet a bath, brush his coat, and trim the nails at least once a month. Even the hair may need trimming if it’s fast-growing. You can do it at home or take your pet to a professional.


To take the best care of your pet, you need to be really observant of any sign that may indicate a problem. There are some issues that will get resolved by them while others will require your timely intervention before it gets out of control. If in doubt, make it a point to consult your vet.