SMS marketing has reached new heights by holding the hands of some of the best marketing software providers and services, who made it easier than ever for businesses to keep track of how the campaigns work, record customer data, user behavior, and all. And marketing is all about that only. If you lose the scope to record data of people in the targeted market, then what is left of the campaign!

Hence, the data before marketing, and afterward with records and tracks of what happened makes sense in deciding the next campaigns, and also gives you the proper insight into your position in the minds of the public and the market, amongst rivals, and the brand. That is why text messaging-based marketing is still one of the most popular ways and yet simple than many other digital marketing methods.

Targeting consumers are the easiest with text message marketing

Text messages get sent without any internet connection, and the messages can be received and read without an internet connection. Simply a mobile phone, whichever model it is, and a SIM card active in it can be the media for sending and receiving text messages. And consumers having a mobile number on the phone can get your marketing messages so easily, that targeting anyone is not a big challenge. When you have the leads, you may send messages. It’s as easy as that.

Due to this simple targeting, it’s easy to send your information, offers, etc. to people so simply. And now that almost every mobile has an internet connection too, hence embedding relevant links inside messages is easier. You know that you will get some sure clicks. And this is how text messaging has come back to new heights and touched newer horizons with the new age style.


The most important thing in SMS marketing is getting hold of a good API. API, the software platform, which makes SMS sending, receiving, tracking, and such operations simple and easy for the users is a vital part of handling the whole marketing project. Every single marketing campaign, the sending and receiving of messages, all depends on the simplicity and feature of a rich base of the API. That is why you must compare SMS APIs of the various service providers of text message marketing solutions. And when you see that you have all the features you need in the API of a solution like in, then try it. With a good API, you may do the following:

  • Shortcodes for messaging are generated through the SMS API. With every shortcode, you can send bulk messages to many networks. Dedicated shortcodes can be generated for established brands. And this helps in sending messages at really very high speeds. A good API and service provider will also help in the generation of custom shortcodes with the facility to migrate a shortcode on the case you already had one from a previous service provider.
  • Threaded communication can be established with users. Threaded messages help keep track of previous messages in the form of a chat, which you may access through the API. And this makes remembering the issues easy.
  • One-on-one messaging is possible although the design is for bulk messaging. You still can contact one on one, and create custom groups and parameters to communicate with people with specific metrics.
  • The guarantee or assurance of more than 99% uptime comes with a good API only. The better the API and support behind it, the better is the uptime, and hence your messaging services will never receive a setback.
  • With a good API messaging can be handled from multiple locations, many different devices by different users through the same account, when the permission is granted to them by the main admin. This enables parallel processing, smarter marketing management, and easy handling of the project from any location. Also with this, you may send messages to any location.
  • The smoothness of work is brought through the interactive and easy to explore interface of an app or site. And the API providing this kind of interface is the best for working.

If you are lucky to get so many features together at one API, then you can be sorted with your SMS marketing campaigns.

Support with the API

One of the top priorities you will realize while subscribing to a text message marketing service is the support factor. There will be times when you will be stuck in your operations with the API and will need an instant fix or help on the thing. And this is where you need a service with robust support, round-the-clock availability of staff for this, and the best you may get in the industry is a representative dedicated to your business account to support all the time, which ensures the follow-ups are great for you. If you get such a kind of support, you can always stay two steps ahead in your marketing campaigns.

Round-the-clock priority support is one such point that attracts users to a service. If you are offered the same with access to phone, email, and chat support, then you may work out on any situation and feel pampered with the service.

Custom SMS marketing

With so many features and solutions for marketing a good API containing service provider can be attractive. But the rest of the story depends on you. How good a plan maker you are to use the support, software, features, and tracked data to make your SMS marketing success depends on you. You will have to construct messages the best way to get that attention, and design your links such that any customer clicking on it enters the sales funnel compellingly. And that is what makes the marketing campaign fully work.


What the sales funnel is one of the most important things in turning the marketing into success, and total dedication in designing it effectively will give you the desired results. And when the sales funnel is already bringing nice results from traffic driven through websites etc., then the SMS marketing must be focused upon with dedication to make it work.