While most of us wear perfume to smell nice, the researchers have many more facts to prove. A study reveals that perfume not only makes an individual more desirable but also make them look younger and energetic. By using the ‘right’ fragrance, you can appear to be more confident at work and pleasing among your peer group. The sensuous effects of the perfumes evoke calming effects on the mind of its wearer. So, those crystal perfume bottles give you all the reasons to splurge on!

With so many positive aspects on board, let us explore how perfumes based on different notes impact your appearance as below:

Boost your sex appeal by using Vanilla notes

Considered as a natural aphrodisiac, vanilla notes are prime in enhancing the libido and triggers the sensual pleasure in the central nervous system. Pick up perfume which has vanilla as a base note that helps you in turning out ‘sexiest’ among your peers. Sweet, comforting and cozy are the prime characteristics of vanilla essence and has darker facets. TBS Vanilla, Victoria’s Secret Love to Dream, Coty Vanilla Musk and Charlie Touch are some of the exotic fragrance in this series.

Pick up the floral to accentuate your youth

A floral fragrance associates you friendliness and contributes to enhancing your youth. Orange blossom, peony or lily of the valley is some of the erotic options that are associated with youth and spring. A woman appears to be more youthful when she wears such notes. Even the fruity fragrances as mango or apple are on the similar lines which help in highlighting the femininity and arousing the younger vibes in a woman. Floral odor also makes its wearer happy and enhances social interaction. These scents are considered vital for uplifting the moods of individuals with their appealing accents.

Citrus is associated with energy

To achieve a sense of rejuvenation, the essence of citruses like Lime and grapefruit is beneficial. The notes of orange and other citrus make you feel refreshing. Uch fragrances are perfect in humid and hot seasons. The energetic vibes in you make you appear to be younger and enthusiastic. Victoria’s Secret Lemon Escape Eau De Parfum, Lemon Eau De Parfum Spray and Chanel No. 5 Eau Toilette are some of the options worth exploring.

Show up your competency at workplace at Chypre

To inspire your confidence, go with the Chypre notes like vetiver, oakmoss or cedar. These fragrances will make you appear confident and focused in your workspace. For masculine effect, you can add earthy, warm and woody fragrances. These fragrances not only elevate your confidence but also help you to look authoritative at work. So, revive ‘those’ younger vibes in you by choosing an appropriate fragrance. Bottega Veneta Eau Légère Eau de Toilette, Illuminum Arabian Amber Perfume, and Yohji Yamamoto Senses Eau de Toilette are some of the options you can go with.

Fetch svelte appearance by adding ‘spicy’ notes

It has been observed that the women who wear spicy notes appear to be lighter in weight. So an appropriate mix of floral and spice can help you conceal those extra pounds which you are trying hard to get rid off. Spicy notes influence the movements and physical activity which is not associated with overweight individuals. Hence such notes make you appear more energetic and youthful. JIMMY CHOO Eau de Parfum, ULRIC DE VARENS Parise Love Eau de Parfum, UNITED Dream Live Free Eau De Toilette are some of the options in this series.

Pretty and youthful with Rose

The pleasing fragrances like Rose notes are directly proportional to the youthful appearance of women. A study revealed that the women who use perfumes with Rose as base notes tend to appear more attractive and youthful. The facial attractiveness is highly influenced by these notes and makes the women look more appealing and young. NINA RICII, BVKGARI Rose Goldea, and CAROLINA HERRERA are some of the options you can consider.

Lavender to uplift our mood

Lavender helps in attaining a peaceful sleep and well-known for its calming effects. As we know, sound sleep is a mandate to have an energetic next day; it also boosts the youth of an individual. Research revealed that the people who sleep properly for 7-8 hours days appear to be more energetic and youthful against those who don’t. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray, CK Summer Eternity and Giorgio Armani Code Femme are some of the fragrances which offer jasmine as base notes.

Soothing Jasmine to flaunt your youth

Calming effects of Jasmine plays a vital role with its rebalancing effects. The healing effect of jasmine evokes a sense of calmness and invigoration in your mind and helps you keep active. As the youth symbolizes vigorous vibes, using Jasmine as a base note can help you appear with such vibes. BVLGARI Women Goldea, DOLCE & GABBANA and Elizabeth ARDEN 5th Avenue are some worthwhile fragrances to be considered.

Healing effects of Bergamot boosting youth

With its sweet smell, Bergamot is well-known for its antidepressants effect. It significantly improves the blood circulation and arose a feeling of joy and freshness. The powerful implication of Bergamot essence over mental and neurological conditions helps in attaining youth and also responsible for controlling the blood sugar. GUESS, DOLCE & GABBANA and BURBERRY are some of the renowned brands which offer beautiful perfume bottles with Bergamot as a base note.

Oriental – A mysterious mix

Boldness and sophistication are the two prime characteristics which can be associated with youth. This fragrance is sensual and opulent and makes you feel more energetic. Cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg are some of the spicy notes that can be clubbed with oriental fragrances like exotic fruits and pomegranate. Calvin Klein Euphoria, Ralph Lauran Hot, and Dior Midnight Poison are some of the irresistible oriental fragrances which you must try.

Wearing a ‘right’ perfume boosts not only your confidence but also have calming effects on your neural system.