Whether you are planning to go camping this vacation or desire to prepare a shelter to safeguard your family from the hot weather, a canopy tent can cater to your entire requirements. Basically, there are a wide variety of canopies available in the market today, but before purchasing a one, you must consider certain factors. For instance, for what are you going to utilize the canopy tent? How many members are needed to be accommodated in the tent? Do you have sufficient room for tying up the canopy? And how to tie down a canopy tent? Though the canopy tents come in diverse types, shapes, and sizes, you can avail of the sidewall choice in any style of the same. The 3 major types of canopies that are widely preferred by most of the people in this era are listed below

Instant canopies

Instant canopies are considered to be one of the effective yet easiest canopies to be placed. This style is mainly designed for the people that require a tent for a short period of time especially for BBQs, beaches, and camping. Instant canopies need only a single person to construct the tent as they possess the property of portability and lightweight.

Frame tents

These tents are also designed for short term accommodation purposes. However, the set up of the same is quite troublesome as due to its heavyweight more than 2 people are required to tie up the canopy with the pole. These tents are usually observed in the garages and carports. Moreover, it requires an appropriate anchoring to stay for a long duration.

Pop up canopies

Apart from utilizing the pop-up canopies as the outdoor shelter, you can also use the same for conducting the corporate events. Due to its lightweight, pop up canopy can be carried anywhere and can be easily positioned. Whether you desire to get protected against unpredictable rain or want to avoid the burning rays from the sun, this canopy can aid you by providing required shelter facilities. You can either buy the best pop up canopy from the online stores or can avail the same from the retail markets at a reasonable rate.

How to tie down a canopy tent?

Buy a PVC pipe and other essentials

The very basic step to set up the canopy tent is to purchase the basic essentials required for the same. This includes 10-12 centimeters PVC caps, gloves, eye protection, washers, at least 4 eyebolts that must not be less than 1.5 centimeters in length, and nuts. Apart from the equipment and tools, you might also require a total of 4 PVC pipes each must be of 90 centimeters, cement, water, rope or cord, and a container. After including the above-listed essentials, you will be carrying a weight of around 40 pounds.

Drill holes in the caps of pipe

The next step is to properly drill the holes in the middle of the 4 pipes. You must use a marker to mark the point where you need to drill. Make sure to wear gloves and carry eye protection before utilizing the drilling tools.

Connect the eyebolts with PVC pipe caps

Put the eyebolts in all the 4 drilled holes of the pipe. In order to insert the eyebolt, you are required to utilize the nuts by twisting the same in any face of the cap. Position the washer in the inner portion and turn and twist the bolt on the same side to lock up the eyebolt.

Connect the caps to eyebolts using the glue

The next step to secure the caps with eyebolts is to use the glue. Make sure to go through the entire instructions mentioned in the PVC Glue before using the same. Also, you can ascertain the time required by the glue to dry up from the instruction list and provide sufficient time to glue to dry up.

Combine the concrete and fill up the four pipes

Take a bucket to combine the dry cement with water. Do not forget to consider the fact that the cement doesn’t require much time to set. Thus, it is essential to mix up the same with water promptly. Once you have filled up the 4 pipes, wait until the cement dry. This step requires at least two people, i.e., one for mixing up the cement with water and another for filling up the pipe with the mixture.

Drill a tiny hole in the lower end of the PVC pipe caps

While you glue the caps, make sure to drill the tiny holes in the lower end or bottom section of the caps to let the air flee. Since you need to use the drilling machine to create the holes, do not forget to carry the gloves and eye protection to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Let the cement dry and attach the cap to the bottom of the PVC pipe

The next step is to be followed when the cement in the pipes has dried up, and the pipes can be taken for use. Use glue and primer to fix the caps at the bottom of the PVC pipe and keep it for drying. At this step, your weight is ready to be carried and hanged.

Fasten the weights with tent using the rope or cord

Once you reach your desired destination where the tent frame is needed to be fastened, take out the 4 weight (PVC pipes filled with concrete and water mixture and attached to the caps) and bind a rope near to the eyebolts. Use the other side of the rope and tie the same to your canopy tent at the uppermost part of it. Fasten all the 4 corners of the tent using the same method.

With this, your canopy tent is ready to accommodate a large number of people and provide you shadow against the harmful rays of sun in the hot climate. It will not only aid you in safeguarding your companions from the unfavorable weather but also provide you with the top-most accommodation facility.