Advancement in technology is something that everyone likes, and that’s the way ahead for everything in the world to prosper. A router paves the way for devices to be connected to a wireless network. Today, almost every online brand is behind taking away your data and selling the data in the grey market. From brands like Facebook to small apps that we use on a daily basis. Everyone is behind our data, and the worst part is that there are millions of users who don’t even know how much data these companies know about them. Tracking has become a bitter truth of the tech industry. Today we download an app and without paying any attention to the permissions asked, we simply install the app only to get targeted ads.

A small mishap can lead to a number of events that in a way can be very harmful. We all are aware of the recent Facebook Cambridge Analytica mishap. There were millions who were affected. Everyone today gets targeted advertisements. What is even more frightening is the fact that only 5 percent of the total internet users across America use VPN (a virtual private network) to bypass the internet and protect their identity. A VPN is basically like a virtual network that fakes a different IP address thus protecting your actual IP address. A VPN doesn’t allow anyone to track you.

The latest Fortigis VPN router is here to revolutionize the whole scenario which shall make it easier for the user to use the web and also the VPN service.

What exactly is Fortigis VPN Router?

Fortigis is a state of the art VPN router that provides wireless connectivity across all the devices at your home. Even better, you can maintain your very own private network. You won’t need any external third party VPN service when you have the Fortigis router. The VPN feature is something that is new and focuses more on the security and hiding identity of the users.

Since the VPN is in-built, everything happens inside the router like the rerouting of the data, masking your original IP address preventing you by not letting anyone know your browsing habits. So all the devices that are connected to this router receive protection, right from your playing consoles to your smartphone.

When it comes to using VPN services today, the approach is cumbersome. First of all you need to download an app, extension of software so that the VPN can be setup. Once done, you have to manually choose the server location and then the tunneling process starts. Even worse if you get stuck somewhere, you may have to restart your browser and again enter IP address to change settings and restart the process. All of it hampers your browsing experience. Fortigis router makes you free from all those extra efforts.

The best part. It works parallelly to your existing internet set up by connecting to your router and acting as a wireless gateway.

How does it work?

To run the Fortigis router is a very easy task. Once you are done with the installation by syncing it with your existing router. You will have to download an app on your smartphone. The app is your medium to adjust to the various settings of the VPN and the whole network. Whether you are a noob or pro, the router shall work fine so don’t worry about the settings and make yourself comfortable with them.

Like any other router, once the router is live and your app has synced with the router. Now you will be able to control a lot of the features of the app such as the ability to add or remove a device. It has enterprise-level encryption measures that give total protection to all the devices in that network. These days often sites are always tracking your information so that they could sell your products. With Fortigis router the VPN service will always be running and you will be protected from sites that steal your data. Nobody will ever know your IP address or physical location.

With the normal routers of today such as Comcast or NetGear, you need to enter the default gateway login by entering the IP address and then fiddle with the settings. In Fortigis routers, the best part is that it’s among the very few routers at present that offer plug and play protection to everyone connected. The router’s design is so sleek and unique that it will make for an excellent gift if you have a friend who loves emerging technology.

How much is it for?

All the best and unique products are first featured on IndieGoGo. The team behind the product is crowdfunding money on Indiegogo. As an initial adopter, you can pre-order the product for $199 that’s around 48% off on the expected retail price. As a bonus, you even get a year-long service for free.

Once the first year ends, you will have to pay a total of $144 annual retainer subscription fee. Though at Indiegogo you also have the opportunity to pay a second year fee of $99. Since this is only for a limited period of time, you will have to be quick in case you have already made your mind to buy the device.

Is it worth it?

The most important question is here. Is the device worth the money they are asking for. If you are someone who uses the web for all his tasks then internet security should be one of your biggest concerns. If you have never used a VPN to bypass your IP address then it is recommended that you buy the device.

If you are already using a VPN service then it will be hard to make use of them both at the same time. You will have to switch your existing VPN service to the Fortigis router. The device also stores your logged information for a duration of 30 days which includes things like visited sites and cyber attacks. There is a reason for this. It is not to keep a record of you but to protect the entire network of fortigis users.  In case anyone router senses a threat, the whole community will receive a security patch.

If we compare it with other existing VPN services this is on another level. It has been designed so that everything happens autonomously with almost no effort. It’s a one-stop solution for your internet network. If you need assistance with your technology, BCA IT in Miami is a managed IT support company that can help you.