We all used to wait for the best cartoon to be broadcasted on the TV when we were kids. Today cartoon streaming sites are widely available on the internet, and one does not have to wait for it to be broadcasted. Pre-recorded, live and breakthrough cartoons are listed over the archives of some excellent cartoon streaming sites.

These cartoon sites do not ask for a fee or any subscription plans. They generally follow the path of movie downloading sites. Here, in this article, we will be talking about the sites which stream cartoon and anime without the intervention of ads and spam links.

Let us list some of the best websites allowing you to watch Disney cartoons online:


This is ideally the best website to watch online cartoons and anime without incurring any cost. The archive of Toonjet is immense which includes cartoons from every generation including classics.

The website’s design might not be that flashy but it will certainly serve the purpose which it was created for which is to watch Disney cartoons online. Ads and pop-ups won’t divert your attention since they are negligible.


Hulu would have topped my list of the best cartoon streaming sites but since it is restricted to U.S citizens only, Hulu didn’t capture much of the attention it deserves. Again you can use a VPN to access the website from any corner of the planet.

The content doesn’t stay for long, once you have seen quite a few, Hulu asks for payment which is a very negligible one. However, the collection in which this site has killed half of the industry. If you are willing to spend some extra bucks to revive your childhood, this is your destination.


Everything is complimentary on gogoanime.com and it carries a monstrous collection of anime and cartoons which will take your breath away. The inclusion of an online application helps cartoon lovers to watch their favorite cartoons using their mobile phones. You can also see the latest episodes listed on the homepage of the site.


This is one more website where you catch your favorite childhood cartoons for free. The outlay is simple and user-friendly along with the inclusion of the latest episode on the landing page.

The sidebar consists of cartoon series with their corresponding episodes enabling you to choose from all of these. Float-ads are common; however, the presence of annoying pop-up ads is nowhere to be seen.


If you are looking to watch Disney cartoons online this is the best destination you could ever leap over to. Everything related to anime and cartoon is present with details. Some cartoons and anime are even translated into other languages so that they can be relished from every corner of the world.

Even the most modern cartoons are up on cartoonmovieshq.com. If you like playing online games, then you must note that this destination allows you to play games based on cartoons and anime. Animated movies also take up a huge part of this platform.


YouTube the giant of video streaming sites owned by Google has an excellent collection of cartoons. You simply need to search for your favorite cartoon shows on the YouTube search bar and you can relish back to back episodes of your favorite flick.

There are unlimited cartoons uploaded on YouTube including each of their episodes. YouTube, however, does not support illegal videos. Thus some videos might not be present due to copyright issues.


This website is probably the torchbearer of cartoons or anime. This is because the archive they have is a never-ending one. The best part is that all the content is complimentary. You can ignore the few pop-up ads and adult commercials on the website and have an amazing experience with the best movie library ever.


This is one of the most used cartoons streaming sites since it has been built keeping in mind a whole lot of priorities. Rather than portraying a stereotypical menu bar, you can find a unique menu with links to different characters and shows just under the header.

You can also watch the same cartoons as your mobile phones on the go. It is exclusive of any kind of advertisements and the impeccable quality of stream attracts more audiences every single day.


Disney, the pioneer of the cartoon industry has also established an online portal which would be the immediate next playground for kids. If you are crazy about Mickey and Donald, this is the right destination for you.

The homepage displays certain cartoon characters which when clicked upon takes you through all the cartoons involving that particular character. You can also get information about the flick and characters involved in it.

This is a quite decent list from where you can watch Disney cartoons online. Depending on your interest you can look for out for your favorite animated flick. Why wait when you can revisit your childhood with just a couple of clicks?