Psychology Tomorrow Magazine (2016) reports that the aesthetics you incorporate into the rooms of your home can have a big impact on your family’s overall happiness, moods, and subconscious thought processes. For this reason, you should select color schemes and decor to encourage optimism and productivity for your little ones’ bedrooms.

What could be more positively inspirational for your child to wake up to each morning than a Christian themed bedroom? Custom Christian bedding or personalized Christian decor can be easily purchased for this purpose. With a few finishing touches from and maybe even some DIY magic, your son or daughter’s room can become the most spiritually uplifting space in your home!

The Color Scheme

The colors you select for your Christian bedroom decor can serve to energize your child for their day and for the Lord. Color psychology dictates that the hues of your surroundings truly affect the way you feel. According to Wikipedia (2018), yellow induces happiness, blue instills feelings of competence, red can imbue you with power, and purple represents authority.

White conveys purity, happiness, and sincerity, which explains its Biblical use as the color most associated with the King of Kings. While white is indicative of holiness, having all white walls can leave a space bland and can actually sap productivity. For this reason, you should probably select paint colors for your child’s walls that will promote spiritual wellness, but incorporate white into the palette through the furniture and decor.

Use the basics of color theory to help you plan your palette. A color wheel can be easily found through an internet search or bought from a craft store. When choosing colors for your child’s Christian bedroom decor, use the wheel to find shades that are complementary, analogous, or triadic.

Complementary colors are opposite from one another on the color wheel, triadic colors form a triangle, and analogous colors are side-by-side. However, these methods are not the only way to select colors that are harmonious. Try mixing and matching free paint swatches to help you finalize your color scheme.

Biblical Stories as Inspiration

Christian bedroom decor doesn’t always have to be generally themed. One of the most personal ways to make your child’s room special is to base it on their favorite Biblical story or character. Picture cute animals and rainbow wall decals for a Noah’s Ark themed bedroom or even the inclusion of ocean elements to represent Moses’ parting of the Red Sea.

Purchasing custom or personalized Christian bedroom decor can aid you in reaching the goal of making a more specific Biblical theme work. Other ideas for Biblical themes that can be achieved with the help of personalized Christian decor: the creation story from Genesis, Daniel in the lions’ den, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the nativity, or any of Christ’s miracles or parables.

You can look in your Bible or even your church’s Sunday school room for inspiration— the possibilities are endless! Don’t forget to ask for your child’s input on the theme if they are old enough to tell you. Including them in the process will make them excited about their new room and could even invigorate their interest in scripture.

The Bedding

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom. Therefore, the bedding and pillows you incorporate into your design should highlight the space’s overall feel. You can utilize custom Christian bedding to personalize your little one’s room while ensuring that God’s encouragement takes center stage.

With custom bedding, you can match your comforter and pillows to your color scheme while also including the scriptures, values, or prayers you treasure! Your child will be thrilled to lay under blankets tailored to their religious interests. The presence of these religious items which you could get from various shops like HolyArt could add to a more Christian themed bedroom. While they will sleep in comfort, you can also rest easy knowing that your child is getting daily exposure to the positive messages of God’s everlasting love.

Incorporating Natural Elements

What better way to accent Christian bedroom decor than to honor God’s splendid creations? Once you have all of the Christian bedroom decors in place, consider bringing some of the outdoors inside with greenery and sheer window panels.

Including live plants and natural sunlight in a room’s decor not only makes for a beautiful design, but it is also proven to fill people with renewed energy and happiness (Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, 2016).

Live plants in your home doubly act as natural air purifiers, so you can rest assured that your little one will breathe easy too! If your child is on the younger side just be sure to place live plants on high shelves or dresser tops so that you don’t end up with a soiled carpet or plucked petals.

DIY Finishing Touches

Once you have your room’s color scheme and theme worked out and all of your furniture in place, you may still feel that your design still needs an extra boost. Space may still be in need of some DIY Christian bedroom decor to elevate it to the next level. Consider tapping into your creative side by customizing your child’s dresser, toy box lid, or barren wall. DIY projects can reduce costs and provide you and your child with memorable bonding time.

Consider drawing or painting Biblical scenes with your child and framing them for sentimental wall art you will cherish forever. Make decorative crosses out of sticks, palm leaves, or fabric as beautiful reminders of Jesus’ sacrifice. Stencil your child’s favorite scripture in a pretty typeface onto furniture. If you are artistically inclined, you could even consider painting a mural onto your child’s wall. You are only limited by your imagination! Check out this video that provides a couple of DIY Christian bedroom decor ideas to get you started: DIY Christian Decorations (EASY)

You can purchase personalized Christian bedroom decor in the form of custom-made decals, figures, or paintings if you aren’t feeling artistic. What you decide to buy will obviously be dependent on your chosen theme, and the process doesn’t need to be complicated. Christian bedroom decor can be as simple or complex as you make it. It can be as easy as mounting a chalkboard or dry erase board to the wall for daily devotionals or bible verses. Just don’t forget to make space on a dresser, desk, or nightstand for your child’s Bible, as it will likely be a functional part of their new Christian-themed bedroom.